Monday, December 1, 2014

The #BeautifulScience behind Pantene

The right conditioner is crucial when you have digipermed or chemically-treated hair. On a good day I can have glorious, full-bodied curls while on "bad" days my curls fall limp and the ends look really dry. This is why when I find a conditioner that I like -- can adequately moisturize my hair and keep the color vibrant -- I stick with it.

We're told that we have to follow the usual shampoo + condition + treatment mask regimen regularly to keep hair in tiptop shape. But you know what? To be quite honest, I don't have time to actually keep track of that. However with the right product, you can skip the weekly mask and your hair will be fine. Just choose a conditioner that works double duty as a deep moisturizing treatment (hint: Pantene) and add some argan oil to the tips (my personal secret weapon).

Don't know where to start? Check out the new Pantene range which is designed specifically to seal every strand of hair to reduce protein loss, restore hair health, and help prevent further damage from over-processing, exposure to the elements, nasty habits (like using a too-tight ponytail, brushing vigorously), and from the use of harsh blow-dryers and heating tools.

These Pantene Daily Intensive Conditioners deposit a protective layer on hair strands to help prevent damage. They have 80% more conditioning ingredient vs regular Pantene conditioners to make hair strong on the inside, soft and shiny on the outside.

Choose from these variants:

Pantene Total Damage Care Daily Intensive Conditioner is designed to address the 10 signs of hair damage: tangles, dullness, brittle strands, split ends, hair fall, dry hair, rough feel, weakness, frizz and unmanageable hair. This is the conditioner for women who already have damaged hair or whose lifestyle expose their hair to damage.

Available in 180ml (Php149.00) and 340ml (Php219.00) in supermarkets and department stores nationwide.

Pantene Color and Perm Daily Intensive Conditioner helps keep colors vibrant and curls intact. Chemical treatments like coloring and perming make hair very damaged, and the Pantene Color and Perm system helps restore the health of hair. Its unique conditioning actives prevent water from entering and exiting hair cuticles so that color pigments don’t run and curls don’t loosen.

Available in 180ml (Php149.00) in supermarkets and department stores nationwide.

Pantene Aqua Pure Daily Intensive Conditioner gives hair the nourishment it needs without the excess weight, making it perfect for women with fine hair. The Pantene Aqua Pure system’s Clean Rinse Technology delivers conditioning but washes clean and fast. With no added silicone, dye or paraben, it leaves hair with virtually zero weight for a feeling of lightness.

Available in 180ml (Php149.00) in supermarkets and department stores nationwide.

My Mom is a fan of Pantene Aqua Pure because she has fine hair and she needs a moisturizing conditioner that won't weigh her curly hair down. I, on the other hand, am a huge fan of the Color & Perm conditioner as it really softens my hair, defines my curls, and keeps my ends frizz-free. I have thicker hair btw and I do appreciate more moisturization and more "weight" to keep my hair tame overall, plus it keeps my flaxen blonde hair color intact.

What about you, what's your favorite Pantene conditioner? 

To learn more, search “Beautiful Science” on Youtube (Channel: Pantene Philippines) or visit


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