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Review: Healing Herbs Lab Pure Chia Face Serum + a Giveaway!

If you recall, I received my Chia Oil from Healing Herbs Lab on Etsy last November. I've never been so excited to try a new skin care product! Chia oil is currently having a moment as it's touted as the [best] facial oil that can combat wrinkles and skin aging. Heralded as a "wonder" product, Chia oil contains omega-3 oils which boost skin hydration and also treat a number of skin disorders. Chia oil facial serums have been sprouting everywhere and have been costing a pretty penny, why even Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr are fans!

My Chia Serum is from Healing Herbs Lab, it is 100% cold-pressed (the chia seeds themselves are from Mexico, non-GMO and organic) and processed in Croatia where the lab is based. I had to clarify exactly what cold-pressed meant so I asked the folks over at Healing Herbs Lab as I was curious about how they extract the oil. They shared:
Cold-pressed oils are derived from a mechanical process. You have to put enormous force and friction on seeds and the oil will steep out of them. The whole process is done at low temperatures and is more expensive, but this method produces higher quality oil with better color and flavors.
their expeller machine

What is oil the fuss about?

Chia seeds were once worshiped by the Aztecs and considered as superfood, in fact the word "Chia" means strength in Mayan language. Due to their incredible health-enhancing properties, Chia seeds were once considered as more valuable than gold. These teeny seeds have twice more protein of any other seed or grain, helps stabilize blood sugar levels (perfect for diabetics), one of the best sources of fiber, and is even a potent antioxidant.

Chia oil in skin care

Due to their high essential fatty acid content, chia oil is said to help keep skin soft and supple. Some serums and facial washes are infused with chia oil, but I'm a purist so I prefer to use it as is.

So now on to the review. As someone who's had some experience with facial oils, I find that Chia oil feels lighter on the face and has a thinner consistency. It has less drag when applied and as such, I only need to use 3 small drops to cover my whole face (4 drops if I want to extend application to my jaw and upper neck).

It has a noticeable fishy smell due to the omega fatty acids, and initially this put me off and reminded me of the times I used to pop a squalene capsule and apply the oil to my face. You will get used to it after a while though, but if you're very particular about smell (and this is chia oil's natural scent, no other essential oils added to the mix) then consider yourself warned.

Another noticeable difference is the color. Though I've always sung praises that my Kosmea Rose Hip Oil is amber (meaning it's not overly processed), I am not entirely sure if there is a standard color for Chia oils. I've done some light research online and all seem to have this light/pale yellow color. Check out the quick comparison below.


Packed in amber 10ml bottles, my small Chia oil is perfect for travel. I prefer smaller containers because I want to make sure that I am always getting a fresh batch, as opposed to buying a bigger one and fear that the contents might oxidize or expire over time. A 10ml bottle will last 3-4 months even when used every day. The glass pipette also makes it easy to dispense the right amount of oil each time.

How to use Chia oil (or facial oils in general):

  • Always apply to freshly cleansed face. 
  • Spritz with a facial mist (I use Avene) and then gently apply facial oil while skin is damp in order to lock in moisture. 
  • If you're using it during day, don't forget to top with sunscreen. I use it at night only so this serves as my moisturizer, eye treatment, and overall skin serum. 
  • A little goes a long way, don't over-apply. 

Pour conclure, I initially declared that I would love my Kosmea RHO forever but after a month of using Chia oil, I may have to rethink that statement. On days when I'm really stressed and my skin needs major nourishment, I reach out for my Kosmea RHO which is more hardworking and is slightly thicker in consistency. But on days when I want something lighter and my skin feels congested (due to Philippine humidity), I reach out for my Chia oil. Both have kept my skin relatively plump and moisturized, though they sadly won't remedy puffy eyes (which is what I've gained from all the late nights).

Is it oily?

I will be honest and say that Chia oil does leave a sheen on the face when applied (what oil doesn't?!) but on my combi skin, there is no uncomfortable feeling of heaviness. May I suggest switching to a gel-based moisturizer during the crazy hot summer months, then resume using oils when the weather is cooler.

Giveaway time!

Now the fun part! The generous folks over at Healing Herbs Lab sent me a travel-sized 10ml bottle of their 100% pure Chia Oil and I'm raffling it off to 1 lucky reader. Just follow the easy instructions below:

Terms and conditions: 

  • Open to all my Philippine readers.
  • Shipping will be on me. 

Good luck!

For more info, visit Healing Herbs Lab on Etsy. 


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