Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New discovery: Bobble Water Bottle

Travel bugs will certainly enjoy this new product called Bobble. I've seen this a couple of months ago at The Ramp, Trinoma and spent a good 10 minutes just reading the packaging and deciding whether to get one or not. I was in tipid mode back then so I ended up empty-handed and vowed to pick one up before my Korea trip in December. True enough, I grabbed one Bobble for me and my Dad last week, a few days before I flew out.

Bobbles are fun, reusable bottles that filter water as you drink. It has a colorful carbon filter inside that ingeniously purifies tap water removing chlorine and other impurities, thus making it safe for drinking anytime, anywhere. Bobbles are also FDA-approved BPA free, and free of Pthalates and PVC; great for people who travel, sports enthusiasts, or for those who need to have a handy bottle of water throughout the day.

My main reason for getting one was I needed to pysch myself up to drink water several times a day without spending too much money on bottled water. In turn, this translates into less plastic bottles in landfills. Pretty cool, huh?

How does the carbon filter work? 

Okay I picked this info up on the website. Carbons are basically positively-charged chemical absorbents, and while the water passes through the filter the negatively-charged impurities are drawn to the surface of the carbon granules and remain there. It's thus recommended to clean your Bobble filter with warm soapy water every so often help limit bacterial growth.

I used my Bobble in Korea
I have the small Bobble (Php 495/385ml) and chose the tri-colored carbon filter. Upon initial purchase the first filter is included but you can re-purchase them at Php 345 each. It is recommended to change your filters every 2 months, or once you consume about 300 single serve bottles (about 150 liters). The filters come in a variety of colors and the Bobble plastic bottles come in Small, Medium, Large, and a jug for home use. While the filter is replaceable, you'll be glad to know that the Bobble itself can be used forever!

How to use: 

1. Upon purchase, fill your Bobble halfway with regular tap water and screw on cap. Squeeze out all the water until it becomes clear. The dark particles are the excess carbon and they should just wash out easily.

2. After that, just refill your Bobble and then drink normally. Stash it in your luggage or bag for clean water on the go. That's it!

While going through immigration or travelling at the airport, I stash Bobble in my luggage and the flexible bottle is strong enough to resist pressure and added weight. Upon arrival at the hotel, I just give it a quick rinse, fill it up with tap, and I'm good to go. Please note that the carbon filter only filters out organic contaminants, it's not to be used where water is microbiologically unsafe.

This is probably my best purchase yet! What about you, any awesome purchases you want to share with me and my readers?

For more info, check out http://www.waterbobble.com/


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