Monday, December 22, 2014

Mustela: Nurturing Skin Care for Yummy Mummies & Babies

Mustela has always been on the forefront of providing effective but ultra-gentle products for Moms and babies. I'm not expecting, but Mustela has already become a huge part of my life since I discovered it last year. You can read all about Physiobebe which I used as a gentle makeup remover, and since then it has continued to be part of my skin care routine.

Mustela re-launched their line last year infusing their products with Avocado Perseose, an active ingredient that acts as a shield against external stresses, thus protecting the skin's cellular reserve. And then last October, Mustela presented a few of their bestsellers with improved formulations, plus introduced their Sun Protection line.

The event was held at French modern cafe, Le Creperie, which was a stone's throw away from my then-office, Glamourbox. I seldom attend events but I was very excited to support Mustela and also chat with fellow beauty bloggers.

Today, Mustela has 4 product lines:

  • Mustela 9 Months for pregnant and breastfeeding moms
  • Mustela Bebe for daily baby care of babies and children with normal skin
  • Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics for babies and children with problem skin
  • Mustela Sun Care for safe and effective UV rays protection

These innovations have resulted in 635 patents (registered by Expanscience Laboratories) throughout the world.

The Mustela Bebe line
The Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics line
The Mustela Sun Care line (left)
Mustela 9 Months line
The day's program included a quick interview with 3 mommies and how they have incorporated Mustela during their pregnancy. They were all gorgeous and I really hope that I would look as radiant as them when I eventually have my own kids. 

The lineup included lifestyle blogger Tin Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer, Shen Gee of Shen's Addiction, and Nicole Hernandez. 

Tin raved about the new Stretch Mark Oil which increases the elasticity and softness skin. It is specially formulated with lupeol,  anatural, patented active ingredient that produces fibers that strengthen the skin to help it cope better when stretching. Furthermore, the unique combination of mush rose, baobab oils, avocado oil, sunflower oil, and the luxurious pomegranate seed gives additional skin nourishment.

Shen, being a new mommy, shared her valuable experience with the Vitamin Barrier Cream. Ideal for soothing and preventing diaper rash, it also protects and insulates skin against irritation (urine, feces, chafing) thanks to its barrier effect. Additionally, it contains caprylyl glycol to reduce the development of bacteria, Vitamin B5 and shea butter soothe the skin and leave it soft, while
Vitamin F provides instant relief from diaper rash. Isn't that impressive? No need to tote several products when you take your little one out, just pack the Vitamin Barrier Cream and you're solved!

You can also watch the video here:

More photos from the event:
Jackie, Shen, Nikki
I am with Mustela's very own Tammy Tancinco, and blogger Badet
Didi, Cai, Jackie, Shen
Sharlene of Mustela, Tin Dychiao, Shen Gee, Nicole Hernandez, Tammy Tancinco
with event host Lexi Schulze
With fellow beauty bloggers Char, Tellie, and Krissy
If you're a [new] mommy, I highly recommend exploring Mustela as they do have an impressive lineup of products that would suit you and your baby. If you're not expecting, don't fret as you can safely use Mustela as well, it's pretty great for intolerant and sensitive complexions.

Good news! Mustela currently offers Christmas bundles with as much as 53% off the regular price! That's a great deal and I would definitely consider getting them as gifts for my friends (or maybe hoard them for myself!). Head over to their Facebook page to view the list or check out for more information. 


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