Tuesday, December 23, 2014

For the lazy: My Fave Micellar Cleansers

It took me a while to get the hang of using micellar water, as I've always made it a point to wash ff makeup at the end of the day. But in the last couple of weeks during my transition into the world of insurance and investments, sometimes I'd get home by 1:00 AM after a slew of meetings with clients, and in turn I'd feel so lazy and tired to wash off my makeup. It was during this time that I have learned to love micellar cleansing waters -- by virtue of it being so easy to use and being able to cut my cleansing routine in half. 

What is Micellar Water?

Made of "micelles" which are tiny oil molecules suspended in water, this unique solution has been enjoyed by the French back in the 90s as a way to cope with the notorious harsh water in their region. It's been mainly kept as a French secret, until makeup artists, models, and celebrities started gushing about the no-rinse formula. Now, everyone's raving about micellar water!

How to use

Just apply to a soft cotton pad (I prefer Cleene) and gently apply to face as you would a toner. Depending on how much makeup you have on, you may end up using 1-3 cotton pads.

My shortlist

Seeing as I have sensitive skin which easily reacts to most skin products, these are the ones that I have on rotation and the ones that I'd recommend:


Lia, Glamourbox CEO, has been raving about this since day 1 and I never really thought much about it until I found myself in Guardian Plus in Takashimaya and thought, "Hmmm, such a cute and tiny bottle." Yes, I'll be superficial and say that packaging is a factor whenever I purchase. Aside from that, I find that this has the gentlest solution and leaves no residue or film at all. Additionally, it is 100% unscented and created specifically for sensitive and intolerant complexions. It removes most makeup but struggles with waterproof mascara (i.e;. Browhaus HD Mascara). Another reason to love this? The teeny bottle is perfect for travelling.


I've had this for almost a year and been using this on and off. I'd say that this is VMV's first foray into makeup cleansers/removers, they also released an oil-based version for removing waterproof makeup. Infused with hydrating glycerin and green tea, it easily removes regular every day makeup and leaves a thin moisturizing film. My caveats? It smells like plastic which I assume it got from being stocked too long in my cabinet, and the opening is too large -- if you're clumsy, the contents will spill right out.


Liz of Project Vanity fame gave this to me years back. Obviously different from the previous as this is dubbed as a lotion rather than just a cleansing water, I have the Agecare variant that is suitable for mature skin. I feel that this is the most moisturizing and really softens skin after every use. This is what I have on standby beside my regular facial cleansers, it being the most economical and affordable, I would rather use this up than the other two (hehe). This has a rather milky smell and unfortunately due to its large size and pump bottle, I can't take this with me when I travel.

Do you use micellar cleansing water
or do you religiously wash your face every night? 


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