Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wake up to younger-looking skin with L'Oreal Revitalift

There is an ongoing joke at home that I might never age because of the creams, oils, and other anti-aging concoctions I try (and let my sister and Mom try as well -- I have yet to convince my Dad to hop on the anti-aging bandwagon). But really, I believe that it's always better prevent the signs of aging by employing an effective skin care regimen and applying sunscreen at all times. My Mom made me start in grade school by virtue of using a water-based gel moisturizer and sunscreen every day. So thanks, Mom! :)

But for those who are just starting their skin care regimen now or are already looking at addressing the signs of aging, you're in luck! We have so many products now with advanced ingredients that can easily deter aging and improve skin tone. It's a far cry from the [limited] selections I grew up with. Read on and learn more about the new additions to L'Oreal's popular Revitalift line. 

Firm, tighten, and achieve that youthful V-shaped face with this ingenious product. This all-over face serum contains caffeine to reduce puffiness and best applied after toning your skin. It's recommended to apply this in an upward motion starting from your neck, jaw, or cheeks in order to help tone and "lift" your features. 

Contains highly concentrated actives that keep skin plump, hydrated, and toned for 48 hours. Treatment waters are already making waves in Asia, and this product is spot on because it's very, very lightweight! Perfect for our tropical Philippine weather. 

The L'Oreal Power Water is a potent water-based facial treatment infused with Pro-Xylane (defends against water loss), Adenosine (significantly reduces wrinkles), and Hepes (lightens dark skin patches and other discolorations). 

Skin regeneration is most active at night, which is why we need to spike up our skin care regimen with more potent creams, oils, and serums during this time. 

The revolutionary texture of the cream forms a virtual mask that boosts skin repair and envelops skin with Pro-Xylane (stimulates skin fiber synthesis to improve skin density and reduce facial lines), and LHA (exfoliates skin and opens a path between cells to help the formula penetrate deeper). Both of these powerful ingredients work together in order to target lines, roughness, and repair rough skin.

Since I have combination skin, I am a fan of the Power Water -- this is a godsend because I don't wake up with oily skin in the morning and the texture is so lightweight that I can use this in the morning or night. I say, if you are looking at jump-starting your anti-aging routine, choose the Power Water first.

Remember, consistency is key. Our lifestyle plus environmental exposure to the elements all contribute to aging, therefore, we shouldn't expect anti-aging products to just work overnight ;)

Spill! What's your HG anti-aging product? 

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