Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello, Barre3!

I've been thinking about working out for many years. Notice that the operative word is "thinking" because although there are so many options available now in my area, I would always blame my work schedule and lack of time just to push back exercising. The idea of exercising --- ooh, chiseled abs, a well-toned back -- was enticing but the thought of actually heading to a gym? I was too lazy for that.

Anyway, now that I am switching careers and at the tail-end of my current job, all of a sudden I had the luxury of managing my own schedule and allot time for working out. So last Monday, I decided that I would troop to Barre3 at The Fort before my evening meeting.

Why Barre3?

Barre3 is a combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet. When I first visited their studio two years ago at the Fort, I met Des (one of the yoga teachers) and I remember her inviting (nay, challenging) me to try Barre3, however at that time I wasn't interested. But as I am a very emotional being, I remembered her kindness and her warm welcome. I also took up ballet when I was younger and so anything with ballet thrown in has a special place in my heart, so I immediately booked 3 classes for only Php 1,500.

What I think:

It's the best thing that has ever happened to me -- really, really! Although I still get a little lazy to head to a studio (either Fort of Trinoma), but once I'm dressed I can't wait to get started. And every time I finish a class, I feel so accomplished and happy. My muscles are usually sore for a few days after, but I'm signing up for an unlimited monthly program to strengthen and tone my form. 

And the best part? Teacher Des remembered me after all these years and warmly greeted me on my first day! Love! She also assisted me with my poses because I seriously need help with my lunges. 

What to expect during your first 2 classes: 

I've been dormant all my life save for the usual 10-15 brisk walking in the morning which I thought accounted for something. During my first 2 classes (which were only a few days apart), I was sweating so much in the first 15 minutes of the workout. As each class is different, the level of difficulty changes as well as each teacher/class may be inclined to do more yoga, pilates, or ballet, essentially keeping you on your toes. And quite literally, I may add, as my favorite is doing the push-up exercises against the bar while on tiptoes, great for strengthening arms and toning legs.

The one thing I dreaded were certain poses where I'd experience the famous "Barre3 earthquakes" (leg shakes) and I'd have to stop in between because my thighs were burning. I hope to be able to overcome this during my 3rd class next week. And oh, be prepared to sweat a lot! I've burned so much in my first 15 minutes in class than I've ever thought possible.

It's too early to tell if there are any visible changes to my body (no abs yet!) but the most noticeable change is posture. I definitely have better posture now and I am very conscious of my breathing (sometimes I forgot to breathe properly during the session as I am too concentrated on doing the correct poses).

What to bring:

  • a small towel to wipe off perspiration
  • water bottle
  • socks (or you can buy Barre3 socks with sticky soles for only Php 250)

Don't forget to wear comfy yoga attire! I got mine from Landmark, but if you're hardcore check out Certified Calm at The Fort. And that's it! The ball, dumbbells, and yoga mats are all provided at the studio.

If you're interested in Barre3 check out


  1. Hi Kira! I too, need to be back for my barre3 class. Tamaditis is striking again. :p Btw, they currently have an ongoing promo at DealGrocer, you might want to check it out :)

  2. I wonder how this will work for my wavy curly hair. Thinking about getting it.

  3. Imma check out your abs in 2 months! Haha!

  4. Sabagay target ko ang March, haha. Ang lakas ko na naman kumain ngayon, I've been burning so much sabi ni Tony. Usually when I Barre3, he jogs in Fort then merienda.

  5. I think I'm so excited kasi I'm new, haha. But I hope to continue for at least 6 months para I see naman results :)

  6. But why??? Your curly hair is nice kaya!

  7. Woww, nakakatuwa naman! Im so inggit. Im blaming my hectic schedule also, topped with mommy and wifey duties. Hay!

  8. LOVE IS!

    share ?

  9. LOVE IS

    share ?

  10. Looking forward to updates of this :D

  11. Will definitely update my blog or my IG :) I've been enjoying Barre3 way too much!