Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Look: Eye of Horus Brow Define Pencils

Eye of Horus, known for their vibrant Goddess Pencils that are virtually smudge-proof and waterproof, has now released another eye-catching product -- their Brow Define. For brow-sessed (thanks, Ae, for this word!) ladies, this is something you gotta get your hands on.

These retractable pencils are as slim as they can get, and of course come in the typical Eye of Horus goddess colors of gold and black. 

Brow Define slimline pointed tip contours and fills in color with controlled artistry for perfect arches. Add shape, colour, and definition in one streamlined tool. Use brush on reversal tip to shape for perfect Goddess brows. 
Size: 0.08g 
Price: Php 950

They come in 3 shades: Husk (Light/Medium), Dynasty (Medium Brown), and Nile (Dark) which will complement most Filipina skin tones and hair colors. When applied, these pencils give a soft wash of colors that's buildable. The other end features a spoolie brush to help tame brows. 

ingredients list
Of course, the Eye of Horus claim to fame is its long-lasting, smudge-proof, eye-friendly formula and these Brow Defines are no different. They have added Castor Oil to enhance brow condition and growth, plus Candelilla and Coconut Oils that help create long-lasting, budge-proof brows.

To be honest, I had some reservations about trying them because I've gotten used to using an eyebrow pencil with a slanted tip so I was thinking having a smaller pointed tip would be a challenge to maneuver. But hey, this would be an interesting test to my eyebrow-drawing skillz so I tried it anyway. After choosing Husk (as it was the lightest among the 3 pencils), I immediately plotted my brows and got to work. 

Oh, hello. This is how I look like without brow pencil. I look sad, right? :P I only have VMV Hypoallergenics Armada 60 + my Ellana Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation on.

I just drew on my brows using short feathery strokes. These Brow Definers, unlike their Goddess Pencil cousins, feature a harder tip that makes each stroke precise. The good thing is you can easily camouflage or correct mistakes also because of the buildable color.

So after a few soft strokes, I am done! Contrary to my initial fear, it was pretty darn easy to use! The fine tip actually helped mimic brow hairs, it was super easy to shade the sparse areas, and create a more symmetrical brow. From the photo above, my brows were filled yet look totally natural. Even the tail was easy to create and this is because of the fine tip.

My brows lasted from 10am today til 10pm tonight (I still have yet to wash off my makeup though), there was no fading at all even though I sweated it out at Barre3 and then went shopping with Mom. I am starting to love the pointed tip, though I wish the spoolie brush was more dense (I really liked Empro's spoolie brush, FYI) and a lighter shade was available. Husk wasn't as light ash brown as I wanted it to be, but I can mix it with my Holika Holika 24H Auto Eyebrow for a hair color match. 

These Eye of Horus Brow Define pencils now available on the Glamourbox site! Thanks to the team for letting me try them in advance :)


  1. Syempre, first to comment! Haha, thanks for the review, Ive been dyinggg for swatches! Your brows look great! (i.e. they don't look drawn on, i can see the hairs more than the pencil, the shade's spot on etc etc) I can go on and on about brows..eep. :|

  2. I also like this mascara very much..i like how it "multiplies" my lashes (I don't have a lot) and how quick it dries. It's just so hard to remove so I only use it when I really want full on lashes/for special occasions! :)

  3. WANT! Too bad it's after the sale, hngggg...

  4. Thanks thanks for this review! My brows need this for sure! :)

  5. Na-pressure kasi ako sayo, Jessa! Haha :) Hope you found my quick review useful. Biases aside, maganda sya talaga!

  6. I knew you'd comment first! It surprisingly looks very natural, but of course if you want a darker hue you can just apply using a heavy hand :)

  7. This was such a surprise, I didn't expect to like it this much! What do you use to remove it? My friend Alex (at last week's dinner) mentioned that my lashes look great and had to ask me if I had anything done. I just replied, "It's Browhaus --- the HD Mascara!" :)

  8. haha! Bakit ka naman na-pressure? Mukha nga siyang maganda. Feel ko yung dark. :)

  9. I would recommend it for brow-sessed ladies :D Now available on!