Saturday, November 1, 2014

Finally! My Chia Seed Oil Arrives!

In my last post, I blogged about the ongoing fascination with facial oils specifically Chia Oil. I really, really was hellbent on purchasing the famous Supercritical Chia Oil from One Love Organics but I found it to be too expensive for my budget at the moment. Add the fact that I had 2 bottles of Kosmea Rose Hip Oil still waiting in the wing, it didn't seem wise to spend/experiment on another facial oil product. 

Side note: At this rate, is there any chance I will still age with all the facial oils I've been using? Kidding. 

Anyway, one thing led to another and so I stumbled upon this new Etsy shop called Healing Herbs Lab and got curious. Their merchandise consisted of cold-pressed facial oils and I requested for a custom order right away of 100% pure Chia Oil. The price was definitely more affordable (I got a special rate since I was their first buyer) and they offered free shipping to boot.

I was told that their chia seeds are sourced from Mexico (non-GMO, organic) but cold-pressed in Croatia where the lab is based. I messaged them on October 4th, the chia oil was shipped out on October 9th, and I received it at home (!) on October 28th. That was pretty fast and I am really happy with the service as they shipped direct to my address -- no need for a trip to the Post Office as with my other Etsy purchases.

I also posted this photo on Instagram to which One Love Organics replied and said that although 100% Chia Oil is excellent, their Supercritical Oil Serum uses different ingredients. Gaaah, now I am curious even more! Perhaps next year I can purchase their famous oil.

Anyway, I'll do a more extensive review and compare it with my Kosmea Rose Hip Oil in a few months. Right, I'm just really happy my Chia Oil arrived on time :)


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