Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Flaxen Blonde Balayage by JuRo Salon Exclusif

Who would have thought that the word "blonde" would ever enter my hair vocabulary? I've always been very conservative with regards to my hair color choices, I'd usually select "Medium Brown" or "Chestnut Brown" when asked but never in my life have I ever thought of going lighter. 

Well, that was until I met Jude and Rose of JuRo Salon Exclusif. On my birthday a few weeks ago, I paid them a visit because I was in dire need of a change plus my roots were already showing. To backtrack a bit, I've been going to JuRo for my hair needs since 2012 and I've never looked back. My last hair color session was in July where Jude chopped off the curls and Rose gave me a nice bronde (an interesting mix of blonde and brown) color, my first foray into the world of lighter hair color.  

But since it was my birthday, these two had more interesting plans for me. They invited me over to their very posh Zen-inspired studio in Makati making the experience more intimate and special. I was definitely given the full-on VIP treatment, and I loved it!

Upon entering I was greeted by Jude's signature brewed coffeewhich he prepares and brews himself, plus a spread of fresh fruits and Japanese finger food. It was 11am and I was already enjoying their hospitality and hands-on approach.

A hair cut from Jude was up first and he mentioned he wanted to cut off inches because I've always worn my hair long. I had this [subtle] worried face which the couple immediately noticed. I wasn't too keen on going too short because I know for a fact that my hair was fluffy and tends to have a life of its own. To which Rose immediately quipped, "Don't worry. We'll still keep the weight on so your hair won't go wayward."

See, not a lot of hairstylists actually understand my hair. My hair needs to maintain a certain weight and length otherwise, hello flyaways and unkempt hair. In Tagalog, my hair what you'd call sponghado,  I'm glad that after years of going to JuRo, both Jude and Rose still remember my hair concerns and they still tailor-fit their visions to the needs and lifestyles of their clients.

After a quick cut, I was transferred to this area so I could enjoy the magnificent view while Jude and Rose shared stories and industry gossip. This is my favorite part because I love listening to their travel escapades, it's nice being able to have a really good conversation with people whose passion for perfection and family is something truly worth admiring.

Now it was time for the cut. I just had a few requests with regards to my hair color: a) I didn't want it too light because I was worried about the regrowth, b) I wanted something that would brighten my skin tone yet was low maintenance. Rose decided on a flaxen blonde hair color and some highlights to accentuate my face. So Rose then worked her magic while I sipped more of Jude's delicious brewed coffee and contemplated on the rest of my [birth]day. 

In lieu of using a highlighting cap, Rose always uses her own technique of balayage. Balayage is French meaning "to sweep", and what she does is to literally brush on the color giving natural, seamless sun-kissed highlights. It's trickier than the usual ombre because it requires more precision and a good knowledge of how lightener works as well as overall placement.

Time for a blow dry! Of course, the stories didn't end here. There was still a whole lot to talk about and much more matchmaking that had to be done (Rose was so funny and insisted I should go out on a date because my hair was so far and after all, it was my birthday!).

so much happens behind the scenes
The result: creamy, seamless hair color with lovely highlights. It's a little less dramatic than my bronde hair where there were streaks of light hair all over. Tellie even mentioned that this new seamless integration of flaxen blonde hair color + highlights is more subtle and sophisticated.

Thank you, Jude and Rose, for another gorgeous makeover! As of writing, I already have regrowth but true enough my natural dark brown hair still meshes well with my flaxen blonde hair. Trust only Jude and Rose to keep my hair in tiptop shape!

So why go for a couture hair cut? First of all, Jude really takes time to study the hair growth and how it falls. I have this cowlick (above my right eyebrow) which other stylists have tried to "tame" by blowdrying it straight. But it was only Jude who cuts my hair in a way that enhances my natural waves and makes my cowlick work for me, and this is why I have this supposed bouncy wave that makes me look like I took the time to actually style/blowdry my hair (when in fact, it was just air-dried the whole time -- I am too lazy to blowdry).

And for color, flaxen blonde is unmistakably one of the best hair colors of my life. Though sometimes I still think that going light isn't for me but with the compliments I've received, it seems that you just have to trust the experts, go out of your comfort zone, and live a little ;)

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  1. Beautiful color Kira! It really does suit you!

  2. Thanks, Pat! Lunch/dinner soon? :)

  3. I love your hair! Bloggers have nothing but good words to say about Jude and Rose. The results speak for themselves!

  4. Thanks, @Aviva! Discovered Jude and Rose from a previous event and been going to them since :) Hope you get to try their services also, they're really a godsend for finicky/difficult hair :)

  5. Jeez this is the hair color I've been wanting for since I got my hair blonde! I tried ash blonde but it ended up medium brown on me. I wonder if my fave salon knows what flaxen blonde is. I wanna go to Juro but I just can't afford it.

  6. Hi, @Marielle R. Francisco! Maybe you can have it done when you get your Christmas bonus? :)

  7. Oh love the hair!!! Belated happy birthday!