Saturday, October 25, 2014

A gift from Bow & Wow for Epsilon

I'm always thrilled to receive press gifts. Whether it's shampoo, perfume, or a bikini, I am always truly thankful that companies trust me and my blog. But you know what's more thrilling for me? It's when brands actually send me stuff for my family, or for Epsilon.

I've always been very vocal about my love for dogs and my Instagram is even proof of how much I adore my little Epsilon and Komiki. So I am really thankful that Bow & Wow sent a few gift cards my way.

Epsilon and his weird poses
I plan to go shopping this coming weekend, and I'll definitely post my finds here. Thanks so much, Bow & Wow! Read all about Bow & Wow and the new pet revolution!


  1. I was googling VMV lipsticks to check out reviews and the pink shade that I'm looking for and fate led me to this post. - THANK YOU! I just got my Strawberry Fields from SM North, I wasn't able to drop by during their sale last week but I cannot wait to get my hands on this pink lippie! :D And reading your review gave me the push to head on and get one, stat! ((: