Monday, September 1, 2014

Wonder Paws: 100% All Natural Handmade Dog Shampoo Bars

When you're a paw-rent, you only want the best and the safest for your little fur-babies. So when Wonder Paws sent me a couple of bars for Epsilon and Komiki, I was ecstatic! I love it when brands actually do their research and send products that are relevant to me, my family, and my doggies.

Wonder Paws currently offer 3 soap variants that are all made with natural ingredients and infused with natural oils that not only clean and detangle doggie fur, but also helps alleviate certain conditions.

"Where's Max's Oats & Honey?" is a creamy soap that helps soothe and heal irritated, dry, and inflamed skin. It contains coconut oil, argan oil, organic aloe, shea butter, lemongrass, and tea tree oil. Love that it is mint/eucalyptus-scented, too.

Perfect for dog and cat lovers, "Coco Milk Shake" is a highly moisturizing bar with filled with organic sunflower oil, organic argan oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. It is suitable for pets with sensitive skin. This features a sweet almond/coconut-scent that surprisingly smells good, not cloying or heady at all.

Ahh, I really love Lavender so this bar took my breath away. Also infused with argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter, canola oil, aloe, and calendula, "Rome Flees From Fleas" promotes thicker and shinier hair.

All these soap variants repel ticks and fleas and lather rather well. Komiki likes "Rome Flees From Fleas" while her human likes "Coco Milk Share." Epsilon, on the other hand, is still getting used to the fact that he has to take a bath every month, tee-hee. Another takeaway? These soaps won't leave your hands dry or rough, another reason to enjoy bathing your little one every week or every month ;)

All soaps are available at and are Php 155 each.


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