Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: Oseque High-End Touch Makeup

Hi, Ae here again from An Artechoke guest-blogging for Kira! I hope you’re not tired of my mug yet, as I’ll be reviewing a face product for Elegantly Wasted today (of course, we'll never get tired of your guest blogs, Ae! :) - Kira)

Kira sent me this beautifully packaged product to try and share my thoughts on. I have been a fan and long time user of Korean cosmetics and although it’s my first time to encounter the brand, I couldn't be more excited! Oseque is a brand of nature-friendly skincare and cosmetics from Korean company Songhak, and the High End Touch is one of their newer makeup products.

High End Touch 21 features a new concept roller applicator that provides hands-free application for fresh coverage. Simply press the applicator for the amount needed. The formula contains extracts from plants and fermented nutrients to keep skin moist and hydrated from within. Depending on the angle of the light, High End Touch also highlights the contour of the face for a 3D reflection effect to make the face look smaller and blemish-free. The soft illumination prevents skin looking from shallow and maintains natural skin tone during the long wear. High End Touch is more than a foundation. It's a multi skin care product that reduces wrinkles, brightens skin, and blocks UV rays. It also restores elasticity and glowing health to skin.
Price: Php 2,995/30ml (inclusive of 3 Oseque High-End Touch, 3 puff refills, and free Victoria Sunglasses)

PACKAGING. The Oseque High-End Touch comes in a sleek, black plastic, elegant packaging -- it is actually reminiscent of the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet that launched some time back. But what’s most curious about this product is the roller-type applicator, revealed upon popping the cap open. For initial use, you’re supposed to press the button on the right 10 times to bring up the formula.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of built-in applicators especially with foundations and BB creams. Mainly because I prefer using my fingers to apply base products -- I get a better sense of coverage and blending’s easier, almost intuitive. Another reason is I’m really lazy, and sponges and brushes require frequent cleaning otherwise you’ll end up ping-ponging bacteria from your face to that sponge and vice versa. Fortunately, this roller sponge pops right off so you can scoop the product directly from the holes on the dispenser. I guess, if you’re travelling, the sponge applicator’s a neat idea but at home, I’d much rather use with the sponge off. 

PIGMENT and FORMULA. I initially thought this was a BB cream, I mean it being from Korea and all. But this is actually a proper foundation with skin care benefits and SPF 34. The formula supposedly contains extracts from plants and fermented nutrients to keep skin moist and hydrated from within.The cream itself, while not so thick as regular foundations, is very pigmented and viscous. That said, it needs a good working over when used with fingers or a brush. It covers pretty well, and if you have no major skin issues, you can probably skip concealer. I also have to mention that it has a strong cosmetic smell that lingers for quite a bit.

The shade that I have is 21 Light Beige, a bit light for my medium, warm skin tone, but workable enough with thorough blending. For the initial application, as seen in photo below, I used the roller sponge. For all my reservations with this type of application, I was surprised by how easy and controlled the sponge dispensed and blended the product! The cream came out in even, thin layers, with almost no need for further blending in. However, I was unsuccessful in using it on the narrower/smaller crevices of my face (sides of the nose, inner eyes etc) given the sponge’s wide, flat surface. I still had to apply some product with my fingers to get the level of coverage below. I also haven’t used anything else on my face here, not even primer.

WEAR and FINISH. Upon application and fastidious blending, the product sets into a demi-matte layer. At first, it looks too pale but I find that it oxidizes significantly and then later on sets to a softer finish. Without powdering, the product stays well and good for 5-6 hours but I did notice oiling up around the 3rd hour, which I simply blot out with paper. In the photo below, I have added some concealer on my under eyes and sides of the nose, contoured the sides of my face with a powder bronzer, and used a cream blush on my cheeks. I had no problems layering/applying other products on top of the High-End Touch, since it sets to a nice, budge-proof layer. I even had a hard time soaping off the hand swatch!

FINAL THOUGHTS. The Oseque High-End Touch makeup is a proper foundation, not to be mistaken for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. As such, it requires more time for application, blending and setting. The texture, coverage and finish are what you would expect from a conventional base product, but with SPF and other skin care benefits. But even that aside, I like the longwearing and non-fussy finish it gives. I also wouldn't dismiss the roller-sponge applicator (like I easily did), it’s effective in delivering the product and you do get an even finish! If you’re on the lookout for a new foundation, and feeling adventurous enough to try one with a novel twist, consider this one from Oseque!



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