Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review: Decadent Coffee & Dead Sea Salt Scrub by Jarful of Goodness

Can you survive without a good ol' cup of joe in the morning? The aroma of coffee just instantly perks anyone up! Now imagine the same inviting warm smell in a body scrub -- yes? YES, please!

Jarful of Goodness came up with another fabulous body scrub (thanks for sending a jar over, girls!) that not only awakens your senses but also provides anti-aging, skin exfoliating, and moisturizing benefits. 

This uber yummy-smelling salt scrub has all the goodness of coffee, coconut oil and dead sea salt, making it antioxidant-rich. The combination of freshly ground coffee and dead sea salt results to moisturized, young-looking and glowing skin. This wonderful scrub can: effectively exfoliate, moisturize dry skin making it silky smooth, slow down skin aging, repair damaged tissues, boost up the energy, replenish the skin with minerals that help restart the signalling process that slow down with age, plus minimize the appearance of cellulite TEMPORARILY.
Price: Php 310/200ml 

I've tried the Good 'Ole Rosemary & Almond Oil Salt Scrub but this coffee version is closer to my heart. First off, as soon as you open the tightly sealed jar the whiff of crushed coffee beans is just invigorating. The scrubbies here are more solid (crushed coffee beans + salt scrub) and they don't melt as fast as the Rosemary variant, ensuring that you do get a lot of scrubbing action from head to toe.

"Super food" coconut oil is also one of the key ingredients -- and we all know the amazing anti-aging, anti-viral, and anti-fungal benefits of coconut oil, not to mention that it is a great moisturizer. So if you use it in the morning, you are jolted with a kick of caffeine plus you can cut short your skin care ritual since you don't have to apply a separate body lotion (but sunblock is a must, FYI) as the coconut oils serves as a great skin softener.

I would highly recommend the Decadent Coffee & Dead Sea Salt Scrub to anyone who wants a more thorough exfoliation (the Rosemary variant can be used by people with sensitive skin or those who prefer a lighter type of scrub). The only caveat? You'll end up with a lot of coffee particles in the shower (Kira says "sayang!") but then again at least you're not polluting the earth with polyethylene (read: plastic) microbeads

Do you like coffee-flavored or coffee-scented skin care products? 
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