Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rave: Belo SunExpert Sunscreens

You know how sometimes you tend to forget/neglect those products that you use on a daily basis? Sometimes I get so focused on reviewing the "new arrivals" and "new releases" that I forget practical ones that have taken permanent residence in my skin care routine. 

One such product is the Belo SunExpert which I got from my Special Edition Belo Glamourbox. Granting, I'm a drugstore shopper through and through but I've never even tried these nor even thought of purchasing them even when I've been seeing them on the shelves for years (and they were in the hard plastic cases back then). I just though that they weren't compelling enough to buy, but now I'm so glad that I finally got to test them!

Anyway, I've been using these especially the body variant since I got the box and even brought it with me to Singapore last August. To cut the long story short, the Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF 40 (Php 329.75) and Body Shield SFP 60 (Php 459.75) broad spectrum sunscreens are winners in my book! They're both positively non-sticky, and are absorbed really well by the skin. You know how other sunscreens (even though they're called sheer and non-greasy) still leave a little bit of sheen after application? If you have oily skin like mine, this supposed sheen is a dealbreaker because it makes me feel icky and still contributes to shine later on. 

The formula, though creamy, is really lightweight and leaves a very, very faint sunscreen scent. You can click on the photo above to read the ingredients list which contains all the usual chemicals in sunscreens (nothing special here), and both are also water-resistant. Sun protection-wise, I'd recommend this for daily use but for serious water babies, those who are into extreme sports, or are exposed to the sun on a regular basis for prolonged periods of time, these may not be enough and I'd suggest VMV Armada (another personal fave).

The downside is since the formula is non-greasy and lightweight, it seriously does not moisturize skin (this holds especially true for the SPF 60 Body variant). After months of usage, I feel that my elbows and legs were in dire need of a more emollient product so I alternate this with my other body lotions/creams for added moisture. 

Here's a tip: you can use the Belo SunExpert products during the day and then use a body oil or intensive lotion at night before retiring for bed. 

The Belo Glamourbox is unfortunately sold out already but you can always grab these at major supermarkets and department stores.


  1. Uy I like this brand, and I agree, lightweight talaga. Walang feeling na "nagmemelt" na yung balat mo. Hehehe!

  2. Wow! Cute! I like na may nakalawit pa na soap (pano ko ba ipapaliwanag yun?!) Hehe. Mabilis ba matunaw? Thanks!

  3. I love the Face sunblock <3 It pats down my flakies and dries very fast so I can do my makeup agad :P