Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New discovery: O' Care Dry Shampoo

Has this ever happened to you: you take your sweet time dining with friends during lunch hour at your favorite restaurant then as you start prepping for that important meeting afterwards, you notice that your hair smells like food! Worse, the smell lingers even after you've retouched your makeup. How embarrassing right?

Sometimes as the day goes on, we also end up with smelly hair caused by smoke, pollution, and perspiration (especially when you commute); for some (like my sister), hair becomes oily by late afternoon. And if you've got that important date after work, well, you can't just sprint home and wash your hair again now, can you? Thank god for dry shampoos! 

I've tried dry shampoos in powdered form (non-aerosol) which I found to be more affordable but the powder grains are too large and they turn my scalp too white; I've tried a high-end salon aerosol dry shampoo brand but the scent was too flowery for me, it gave me a headache! My most recent discovery is O' Care Dry Shampoo from Korea which is exclusively distributed by OShopping, a new lifestyle shopping show which is aired 24/7 via Channel 11 of SkyCable and Global Destiny. It also airs late nights at ABS-CBN. They kindly sent me a few pieces which shall be up for grabs soon (giveaway alert!). 

For the newbies, here's how to use the O'Care Dry Shampoo:

1. Shake the contents thoroughly before use.
2. Avoid face and spray appropriate amount on desired area of scalp and dry hair. Concentrate on the roots if you want more volume.
3. Lightly brush out with hands or a comb after approximately 2 minutes, or you can scrunch hair to create texture.
4. If you have curly hair like me, you can spray O'Care Dry Shampoo directly on curly ends and then scrunch or twist. The super fine mist gives an extra sheen to hair, too!

Why I love it: 

  • super fine mist evenly distributes the product on hair (make sure to shake well first!)
  • revives limp and lifeless hair, just spritz and scrunch
  • sops up oil
  • very light fresh scent is actually pleasant, suitable for both men and women
  • gives a slight sheen to hair
  • handy for travel
  • you can conveniently order online
  • economical and affordable, only Php 1,295 for 3 150ml bottles

What I don't like

  • if you prefer to test it first, O'Care Dry Shampoo is not readily available in malls so it could be a hit or miss for you

It's been said that washing hair too often can actually do more damage than good as it strips the natural oils from the scalp. Hence, it's is suggested that you shampoo every other day and then dry shampoo in between. What about you, I'd love to know what you think of dry shampoos. So far, I am loving O'Care Dry Shampoo and I reach out for it on days when I need to freshen up my look mid-day.

Have you tried this before? Any tips and tricks you'd like to share? :)

To purchase O'Care Dry Shampoo, visit


  1. I love dry shampoos. They're honestly a lifesaver when I wake up pretty late :P I'm using one from Avene now, it has a mild cucumber smell that sticks for a few hours

  2. Where'd you buy the Avene one Tellie?

  3. Mild cucumber, I like that! It's my second time to use an aerosol-based one and I like that the scent is rather fresh and generic. My Toni & Guy was so floral kasi!

  4. Nice! I will try this product. Speaking of shampoo, may I ask the one you're using? I also have a curly hair and it's very dry. I tried different brands of conditioner as well but no luck at all. From your photos, your hair looks healthy and nourished. Thanks!

  5. Hi, Christine! Ever since I had a perm, I've only used Nanny Rose Gugo & Lawat Shampoo and Watsons Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner. I am very much a drugstore shopper :D And then I apply argan oil to the tips, that's the only styling product I use :)

  6. Thanks Kira!

  7. I've tried the Lush one (since I don't like having to shampoo in the morning since it takes up so much time but my hair gets a bit greasy at times even when I always shower before going to bed) smells like grapefruit, very fresh. It doesn't leave that powdery white look on my hair too!

  8. I love dry shampoo as well! Using the one from Dove now which my sister was able to buy from the grocery. I normally wash everyday, but there are days when I come home late (too lazy to shampoo + sleepy) and have to wake up really early for work, so it's a lifesaver for me! Buti nalang kulot tayo. Haha :D

  9. I also like the scent of Lush's Dry Shampoo! Very citrusy :)

  10. I know, haha. Started toting my dry shampoo every day to work, in case I eat somewhere and the smell of the food sticks to my hair. That's the worse! Tapos may meeting pa after, kakahiya!

  11. Oh may dry shampoo pala! So you don't even rinse it off? I have to wash/shampoo my hair at least once a day kasi, otherwise, my hair would look greasy aka Prof. Snape greasy. Pwede kaya ito for me?

  12. No rinsing needed! But if you have oily scalp, baka the powdered shampoo (Lush or Snoe) might work better for you :)