Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Join the healthy pet food revolution now!

Okay, everyone knows how much I love Pnut (who sadly passed away last year) and of course, my dearest Epsilon. Dogs are my life! I love them to bits and will gladly sacrifice beauty-related expenses just to make sure Epsilon and Komiki are healthy and well-fed. Remember that time when I brought Komiki to the vet and spent almost a small fortune on blood work and meds?! Prevention is always better than cure, so I really advocate choosing the right vet, the right dog food, treats, and supplements.

Epsilon says hi!
In 2010, I wrote about Bow & Wow (it was a new store then) and the thought of having a healthy store for pets was unheard of -- but I was seriously ecstatic! If we spend so much time preening ourselves and being careful of what we consume, shouldn't it be the same for our pets since they are considered as family members as well?

Bow & Wow is the first all-natural pet food store in the Philippines. I like visiting because they take all questions seriously and they have an assortment of premium, additive-free, and preservative-free pet food from the USA. Plus, they also have a great selection of quality grooming products, toys, and accessories for happy and healthy pets. Pet Care Advisors here are either a diploma-holder of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or a licensed veterinarian.

Now, Bow & Wow is urging everyone to join the pet revolution and be aware of what you feed your pets! As not all pet food brands are created equal, pet parents need to be more selective and aware of what they feed their precious four-legged babies. This really fun video (with a catchy 90s song to boot!) stars Bow the Dog and Wow the Cat and educates us on the importance of choosing the proper diet -- go for organic, natural, and nutritious alternatives rather than over-processed food with by-products and low nutritional value.

Want to star your little one in the next Bow & Wow music video? 
The Promo: Sing and Rap Like Bow and Wow

- Pet parents residing in the Philippines can join the promo on Facebook for a chance to win prizes and have their furbaby star in the next Bow & Wow music video
- Contest runs from September 16 to October 31
- Once we reach 100 entries, we will also donate 100Kg of pet food to The Philippine Animal Welfare Society and CARA Welfare Philippines

Promo Details
How to Participate:

1. Like the Bow & Wow page on Facebook and/or Instagram.

2. Submit your entry through any of the following ways:

- Post the video on the Bow & Wow Facebook timeline and include the hashtag #bowandwow
- Post the video on your Instagram account and tag @bowandwow with the hashtag #bowandwow
- E-mail your video to marketing@bowandwow.com.ph. YouTube links may also be e-mailed

3. Videos must be within 15 seconds to 60 seconds only

4. Music and/or lyrics used must be from the “Let’s Talk About Pets” song of Bow & Wow. To download the music clip, visit: www.bowandwow.com.ph/letstalkaboutpets. You can also opt to sing the song a capella.

5. Bow & Wow will donate 100 kilograms of pet food to The Philippine Animal Welfare Society and CARA Welfare Philippines once 100 entries are reached.

Promo Period:

- This promo runs from September 16, 12:00AM to October 31, 2014, 11:59PM (Philippine Standard Time). Only videos posted during this period will qualify

- Winners will be announced on the Bow & Wow Facebook and Instagram pages on November 3, 2014, 6:00PM

Download the full mechanics here

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/bowandwow.


  1. Lulu is the cutest but the moment she sees other people she will be devil dog na :(

  2. Kira, what brand of dog food do you use/ would you recommend?
    I checked out bow&wow's dog food selection once and as much as i'd like to try those, it's not something I could regularly afford :( huhu student budget.

  3. Hi @Hailey! My vet recommends Royal Canin Mini Adult (for my Chi and Shih Tzu), it's Php 270/kg I think.Small kibble and my dogs love it (though my dogs are not pihikan to begin with). What breed do you have? The 1 kg usually lasts 3 weeks for 2 small dogs :)

  4. Hay naku, Pnut is like that! Epsilon naman too hyper! I'm having Epsilon and other puppies blessed this weekend :)

  5. Oh that's a thing? Do you just ask the priest to bless a dog (like a car?) Baka exorcism muna kay Lulu before blessing :))

  6. Hahaha! Kapag October may pet blessings talaga! At our Church it's this weekend, sa PAWS on October 10.

    Funny you mentioned Lulu kasi my sister (human of Sparky) wants to have Sparky blessed ulit kasi he's s sungit. Haha, baka daw bumait :)

  7. Cute contest! Epsilon is so photogenic!

  8. Aww, thank you! Mahirap kunan ng photo kasi ang likot! Please share the contest on social media to help create awareness :)