Friday, September 19, 2014

First impressions: Eden's Paradise Whitening Blue Salve

I woke up at 6:00 AM today excited for my training at AXA Philippines (I'm on my last leg of training) when our manager texted that today's session is cancelled because of the strong rains. While I would normally enjoy this particular respite from work (I can catch up on sleep and relax, what joy!) my brain, however, is up and about and now I can't sleep! Does anyone else have this problem? My brain is on hyper-drive right now. Epsilon and Komiki are asleep beside me though.

Anyway, I have so many Glamourboxes on my counter! What do you do with yours? I've used some as storage containers for lipsticks, accessories, and other knick knacks. Any other more creative ways to re-use them?

Speaking of Glamourboxes, the Beauties and Babies release is probably one of my favorite boxes aesthetics-wise. I love the design of the postcard, how the pinks and blue labels and packaging of the samples mesh well together, and of course I love the contents -- it's really a great selection of hypoallergenic brands that I am so excited to try! So, here are my first impressions of the Whitening Blue Salve from Eden's Paradise, a relatively new brand that I had the pleasure of meeting when I was scouting for brands to join the box (FYI, I handle BizDev at Glamourbox).

This is technically not a new innovation as it reminds of the Bikini Bomb of another brand which I haven't tried but my sister is a fan of. It's orange in color and the function is very, very similar to this.

The Eden's Paradise Whitening Blue Salve is purported to contain only natural ingredients to gently peel away dead skin and also lighten skin in the process. Its main ingredients (as listed on the label) are fruit acids, argan oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, moringa, and kojic. Please note that what I got in the box is a sample size, regular size is 40g at Php 289 and comes in a round tin.

I've only used this for 3 days usually at night on my dry elbows and noticed immediate improved smoothness and softness the next day; when used on my underarms (lasered off with Strip Manila's IPL Ace) it gave a micropeeling effect and I have these tiny dry patches (only visible when viewed up close, FYI). A few more weeks and the results would be better, I hope.  

Packaging-wise, it's a little difficult to scoop up the product as it's really densely packed. I would recommend using your knuckles to gently soften and loosen it up first. Seriously, someone should start packaging this in a twist-up stick for easier use, similar to this heel balm. Scent-wise it's fruity and sweet, I like it. 

Have you tried this from your Beauties & Babies Glamourbox?

For more information on the Whitening Blue Salve, visit Eden's Paradise on Instagram


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