Sunday, September 28, 2014

Absolute fave: Kiele Baby Cologne

Previously featured in my "Robbing the cradle: My fave baby products" entry, Kiele has been a mainstay in my bag, room, and gift list. I've been giving them out to friends and relatives (and yes, even to my AXA clients) because everyone needs to arm themselves with an anti-mosquito product that smells great. 

Kiele offers a refreshing scent for all ages that is as safe as it is pleasant. Infused with all natural Citronella and Neem Oils and crafted using carefully selected ingredients from France, it serves as both a great everyday cologne and mosquito-repellent in one. 
Price: Php 199/100ml
Kiele Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne is a safe mosquito repellent that contains Citronella and Neem oils but doesn't reek of their herbal scent. Don't we all just hate the cloying smell of citronella? If you're a fan of Nenuco and Denenes in the 90s, then the pleasant scent of Kiele will be a welcome reminder of the time that was.

Experience all-day freshness with Cibelli Skin Freshener and Body Cologne by Kiele. French essences and natural frangrance oils capture the citrusy zest of a sunny lemon grove, while its alcohol-free formulation makes it the perfect match for even the most sensitive skin.  
Price: Php 175/100ml
Now, there's a new addition to the Kiele Cologne lineup and it's a skin freshener called "Cibelli." Cibelli is an Italian name which means "cheerful and friendly," plus if I remember correctly it's the name of  Kiele co-founder Celine Gabriel-Lim's lovely niece. Gentle and alcohol-free, Cibelli contains French essences and natural fragrant oils that re-hydrate and refresh skin. Spray this on your little one anytime, anywhere. It's great as a skin mist for hot, humid days, too.

Order today at or contact 0917-8362175.


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