Thursday, August 21, 2014

Review: Natasha Beauty Heel Mate

Having just returned from my much-needed Singapore vacation (check out my Instagram for a quick photodiary), I still find myself unable to blog on a regular basis. If you must know, I have enrolled myself in several AXA trainings and workshops (yes, I'm talking about insurance) and once I am done I can perhaps take it easy for a bit. Anyway, all this talk about money and investments is total different from my beauty orientation. The whole experience is both interesting and humbling, I hope to be good at it soon. 

Anyway, it's quite interesting that a lot of mass market brands are now getting a facelift to make them more appealing to the younger, sassier demographic. One such brand is Natasha who is currently revamping their new makeup/skin care line called Natasha Beauty. 

Okay, first thing I tried from the line is Heel Mate which is a foot and heel balm. To be honest I've always been passively interested in heel balms just because it seems like something every girl needs (nobody likes cracked heels) yet it's something that I never got around to purchasing myself. Thank god for the Beauties & Babies box, I was able to get a full-sized sample.

A quick look at the ingredients list and you'll noticed that it's loaded with waxes, Olive oil, Shea butter, and silicone to not only moisturize heels but to keep it coated as well. This mixture of ingredients also give your feet a layer of slip when applied, so it's highly recommended to apply this before bed on washed feet (very important, you don't want to contaminate the product). No walking around after application as you might slip and fall. It feels tacky on the feet and rather sticky, I tried walking around after which I thoroughly regret -- felt like all the dust and dirt that was on my slippers stuck to my feet -_- Sorry, I'm rather crazy like that.

How to apply: On cleansed feet, apply Natasha Heel Balm on the soles, heels, even on your toes. Rub your feet together to distribute the product evenly. Wear socks for optimum absorption (this is optional). Rinse thoroughly in the morning.

My advise is (if you're OC) is to use a different towel for your feet after bathing so you don't accidentally get excess product on your face or other body parts. The thing is, since it pretty much coats your footsies, the effect stays even on the next day and doesn't easily rinse off with water.

Results: To combat dryness, I think this does a pretty decent job eliminating those unsightly cracked heels. Be sure to use this on a regular basis though because once you stop, your heels will go back to their normal dry state. Don't forget to exfoliate heels and adequately moisturize during the daytime to also help keep your feet in good condition.

Scent-wise, the Natasha Heel Mate has a refreshing mint scent which makes it a joy to apply every night. It's only Php 295/25g and you can order at the Natasha website or through the Beauties & Babies subscription at

Have you tried Natasha Heel Mate? 
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  1. i'll probably can't resist walking around after applying this too! haha! But good job to natasha for revamping their brand to suit the younger crowd :)

  2. Hi, Hazel! That's true, so you have to apply it while you're lying on your bed na so you don't get the urge to walk around and do stuff. I bring my iPad so I'll be "forced" to watch movies or surf :P