Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Digiperm Partie Trois at Beauty Brick

Last month I had my hair colored a lovely bronde shade by the my fave hairstylists, Jude and Rose. Apart from the long overdue hair color, I also asked Jude to cut off the curled parts since my hair was too long already though I really haven't figured out what to do with it yet.

Having relatively straighter hair after being curly for 3 years was something very new to me. I had to learn how to comb my hair again (when you're curly you can only comb once when hair is wet), blowdry every morning, be wary of stray hairs, and straighten/prevent the annoying wave at the back from tying my hair up in a ponytail.

After a couple of weeks, I missed how low maintenance my life was when I had curly hair. So last week, at a moment's notice, I decided to book an appointment at Beauty Brick. This was to be my third as my last perm was in 2012. The staff didn't remember me this time (have I been gone too long?) but they were still as accommodating as ever. After a hair treatment, my hair was prepped with some sort of chemical that will make it more receptive to the perm. I will admit that I lied a bit and told them that my color was a month old (when in truth it was only about 3 weeks old), and I was scared all throughout the whole perming process.

Will my hair get so fried it will fall off? Will my hair color change due to the chemical? Will my hair be receptive to the perm at all?

It's been decided that I would be getting medium curls up to my chin. I won't go through the whole digiperm process but after 4 hours, here's the result:

Hello spring-y curls! Even it doesn't look it in the photo, there were no words to express how happy I was to finally have curled hair again! :)

with Mr. Shin
I must say, the perm complemented my overall bronde color and vise versa. Now I don't have to spend too much time prepping my hair in the morning. I just have to apply product, twist, and let my hair air dry, and ta-dah, instant glam. Thanks, Mr. Shin! :)

Sidenote: After two weeks, I noticed that my hair wasn't as curly as my first and second perm. I was advised before that repetitive coloring and curling can somehow diminish how the hair responds to the perming process, this is why Mr. Shin recommends perming only virgin hair for the best results. Of course, please take into consideration your natural hair texture. If your hair is naturally straight, then the perm might not work at all. Best to come in for a consultation :)

Beauty Brick is located at Unit 103 Doña Consolacion Bldg., 122 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati.
Contact them via 4735108 and 09175200044.


  1. How funny, me naman I think that curls are more maintenance than straight hair :) I've never had a digi perm before and it's because I'm scared nga it'll be too high maintenance.

    I've been sporting straight hair since birth. I never blow dry and just always air dry, haha! And that's why I always have a layered look as it's more forgiving when it comes to fly aways.

  2. hayyy kundi lang super drying ang water dito sa UAE papaperm ako ulit...ay, need ko pala muna pahaba ng hair! hahaha pretty mo as always!

  3. Hi, Lia! My hair kasi is not very straight to begin with. It's rather "sponghado" and if I need it to look polished I really have to blow dry it, so for me a perm is more low maintenance (lkey word is low not zero) because I can just style and air dry it. If I air dry my straight hair as is, it will be too wavy so I resort to just tying it up in a ponytail and I end up with a semi-permanent ponytail mark at the back :( Very annoying :(

  4. Super drying pala ang water dyan??

  5. Wooooo! Ang ganda!I've got super straight hair, and I've always loved to have curls. Pero di talaga bagay sa akin. (I agree with Lia here, I think curly hair needs more maintenance than straight hair).

  6. Hello kira.. i got my perm last week and i noticed that my curls is nagging wavy nalang. Is it normal after a week to really loose its curls? thanks.

  7. Hi, @nicolemc! It would depend on the condition of your hair when you had it permed -- was it previously treated, colored, straightened, etc.?) Also, is your hair naturally straight? These factors majorly affect the turnout of your perm.

    It's normal for the curls to unravel in a few weeks. You also have to ask them if they used medium rollers (obviously the bigger the rollers, the faster the curls will unravel). Hope this helps!

  8. Pero til now ba curly parin ang hair mo? Thankyou for your response. :)

  9. yes hair ko kasi natural volume hair na sya..

  10. No they didn't re-curl it, I just maintained it using lots of conditioner and argan oil on the ends :)

  11. Also try FX Curls Up Curl Activator available in SM Dept. Stores. I've been using that for years before I moved on to Argan Oil. It's a gel-type serum that's light on hair and defines curls :)