Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Parisian Affair: The La Tentation de Nina Launch

Imagine biting into a delectable little macaron, savoring its crisp meringue shell and fresh, creamy center. Now, imagine spritzing a fragrance that embodies the sweetness of a macaron, tartness of grapefruit, and juiciness of raspberry. 

The limited edition La Tentation de Nina, a magical collaboration between Nina Ricci and the master of macarons Laduree, perfectly balances the playfulness of a now more lady-like and intriguing Nina scent. 

At the French patisserie Poetry & Prose where good coffee and endless pastries abound, we were introduced to this wonderful fragrance which was encased in the signature apple bottle of Nina, but now in a bright pink flacon with a striking gold cap.

Here comes La Tentation de Nina. It is a macaron-like fragrance; or a perfume-like macaron. This limited, highly sought-after edition was born from the magical encounter between Ladurée and Nina Ricci. It opens a new chapter in a fairy tale that started in 2006, and it is all about Nina. It is an adventure punctuated with surprises, collectors’ items and irresistible must-haves. Right from the beginning, its apple-bottle has become the emblematic symbol of a generation.

Being a sucker for anything girly and brightly colored, I couldn't help but snap several photos of the Nina Ricci display. 

with Ae of An Artechoke
the beautiful ladies behind Nina Ricci
Her name is Nina. She is young, beautiful and mysterious. She is on a quest: a journey towards herself, through a labyrinthine forest. Should she pass through the mirror? Or follow that snowy owl? Bite into this apple? Or else cross this frontier? There is a gleam in the distance. It is coming from a light in the window of a house, deep in the woods. She tightens her cape and quickens her stride. Something is drawing her there, but what can it be? 
Discover La Tentation de Nina, available in 80ml EDP (PHP 5,050) and 50ml EDP (PHP3,900).

La Tentation de Nina will be available in select department stores beginning June 2014. Nina Ricci Fragrances is exclusively distributed by Prestige Brands Philippines, Inc., a subsidiary of the Prestige Group of Companies, which represents international designer fragrances in Southeast Asia.


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