Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ultra Swim 2: A fund-raising swimming marathon for the benefit of CARA Welfare Phils.

My little fur babies are the best thing that ever happened to me. They give me so much joy, and I always look forward to seeing them first thing in the morning, and when I get home from work. 

If you love dogs and cats as much as I do and believe that these once neglected pets deserve a second chance at finding their forever home, let's all support Ultra Swim 2 by CARA. For the second time, triathlete Hanna Sanchez will swim a staggering distance of 25km (total of 500 laps) to raise Php 100,000 for the benefit of animal welfare. 

Ultra Swim 2 by Hanna Sanchez
Date: August 16, 2014
Venue: Enrique M. Razon Sports Center, De La Salle University Manila
When asked why she wanted to do a second Ultra Swim, Hanna was more than eager to share her reason: 
“If I can only help all the animals in the world you know I would but I am just a human, I can only do so much when it comes to furry dogs and cats. I couldn’t give a lot of money because I am not rich. Most of you know that. With my humble plea, help me help those animals in need.
There are a lot of animals suffering. We cannot just abandon them. All they need is just a little help with their medical expenses until they find a good home. It is not easy for them to experience such abuse from the people who are supposed to love them.
CARA helps by animals by taking them in. They treat them until they can be adopted by a loving family. Of course, this is a non profit organization. They need funds so that they can continue helping animals who have been abandoned, abused and left to die. We ask help together with CARA for any amount that you can donate to help these animals go to a good home.
I want to help them by dedicating my time and effort. I will be swimming 13 hours for all those animals in need. I am asking my friends and all those animal lovers to hear my call. You can donate a fixed amount or pledge per lap. Any amount you will donate is of great help to these animals. It will only take a minute to read the poster and donate."
According to the official records, she was able to raise Php 80, 570.00 on her first Ultra Swim and 100% of the collected funds were divided among the three (3) programs of CARA Welfare:

Medical Rescue Fund – 50% or Php 40,285.00
Charity Kapon Fund – 25% or Php 20,142.50
Laguna Pit Bulls Dog Food Fund – 25% or Php 20,142.50

This year, she hopes to raise P100,000 and 100% of the proceeds will benefit CARA and all their advocacies. If you've always wanted to support CARA but are too busy for whatever reason, this is a great and easy way to help! 

Here's how: 

1. Go to the Ultra Swim Pledge Page:

2. Fill-in details asked. You can pledge an amount per lap, or a fixed amount. You can also choose to pledge in-kind by filling in the In-Kind text box.

3. After the Ultra Swim, we will get in touch with you as to the total number of laps Hannah was able to achieve.

4. Pledged amounts can be sent via:

a. CARA's BPI Account

b. Paypal: Click on the donate buttons found here:
and indicate "Ultra Swim 2".

For more information on Hanna and her pledge, visit the following links: 


  1. Wow!!! IQuestion: What do you mean pledge per lap? Thanks

  2. You can pledge meaning you are promising to pay a specific amount per lap. For example, P1/lap and Hanna does 500 laps, so your donation is P500 :)

  3. She's a close friend of my cousin...what a small world! :D

  4. That's great! Please help spread the word, cats and dogs need our help :)