Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Happy Organics Pink Himalayan Salt Goat's Milk Bar

Hi everyone! So sorry for the lack of updates as I've been busy with work. And to tell your the truth, I've never been this busy in my life that I have resorted to neglecting my blog (it was either getting enough sleep or blogging til the wee hours -- sleep won!). Anyway, things should ease up in a few months and I'll try my hardest to go back to blogging regularly. For now, let me share with you another beauty discovery from a new brand called The Happy Organics

I stumbled across this brand while surfing Instagram. Ahh, Instagram. It's been a routine for me to scour Instagram (it is part and parcel of my job at Glamourbox) and is fast becoming a guilty pleasure as well as there are so many indie brands on Instagram that I am dying to try. I love indie brands, more so if they offer organic or natural alternatives. Granting, these new start-up brands may not be FDA- approved (!) or have really bad packaging, but hey I like discovering them nonetheless. They also end up more affordable, too. 

This is an exception though as the packaging of The Happy Organics is really superb! I have a penchant for anything dainty and vintage-inspired, so when I got these in the mail I had to stop myself from taking too many photos :)

I received a bunch of these handcrafted natural soaps but for now let me feature the Double Detox Bar and Pink Himalayan Salt Goat's Milk Bar. Guess which one I tried first?

Known in the Himalayans as "white gold", Himalayan crystal salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body. It's considered the most pure salts in the world, and is widely used in a lot of skin care products to cleanse, heal, and detoxify the skin. It's been said that when you add pure, unprocessed Himalayan salt to your bath (or in this case, in your soap), you are soaking in the ancient waters of the Himalayas without even leaving your home! The numerous minerals and nutrients found in Himalayan salts are released as they are mixed with warm water, and this solution is often referred to as “sole” or “brine water”. A lot of people have enjoyed the benefits of brine baths for thousands of years, and Himalayan salts are among the best salts to use for this type of bathing.

Knowing all that, I was particularly excited to try this kind of soap. After 2 months of using it, I'm happy to report that first off, the soap is dense and hardy and I dropped it in the shower thrice and no dents! Secondly, it gives a very soft lather, yet leaves my skin clean -- no annoying slip that some low foaming soaps leave. Third, I didn't break out or experience any bacne. Admittedly, I am not prone to bacne but some natural soaps still give me some bumps on my chest and back if I'm not "hiyang." If any, it has helped clear up some existing bumps (from trapped sweat and oil) and also decently moisturized my skin.

If you're curious about how "salty" this soap is, let me assure you that it's filled with Himalayan salts through and through because (and I'm ashamed to say this) I tasted the lather! Hey, that's the only way I could make sure :))

I'd recommend The Happy Organics Pink Himalayan Salt Goat's Milk Bar if you're looking for a natural and gentle alternative to your [drying] everyday soap that's loaded with lots of surfactants.

Have you tried anything from The Happy Organics? 
Do you use Himalayan salts in your skin care routine? I'd love to know :)

Visit The Happy Organics on Facebook to learn more about their handcrafted soaps. 


  1. Now that's dedication (tasting the soap hehe)! I do love finding indie brands too, and I'm glad that more and more people are venturing into trying their hand at their own skincare/cosmetics.

  2. I was really curious cos I was thinking maybe the pink part is the only one that has Himalayan salts, but turns out it's infused in the whole bar of soap :D