Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care

Enriched with the softening and calming properties of burdock, this gentle intimate wash delicately cleans and soothes irritations. It has mild alkaline pH and contains no soap or parabens, making it ideal for daily use.
Price: Php 159.75/100ml
Saforelle is probably one of the more underrated products out there. I first encountered this from my Beauty SOS Glamourbox and even brought this with me to Korea. Made in France, it's formulated by medical experts with the goal of offering a [feminine] wash that is gently for daily use. Check your current fem wash and most likely it doesn't say that it's meant for daily use. Here's a simple reminder -- always check the label. Made free of soap, parabens, colours, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde, and all those nasty chemicals, Saforelle mainly banks on its ingredient called Burdock that helps heal and keep irritations at a minimum

I brought it along with me to Korea because the 100ml size is very travel-friendly. As I pack all my toiletries when I travel, I usually skip packing a bar of soap because I assume that all hotels have them anyway. The thing is, I didn't like the soap provided at our hotel so I resorted to using Saforelle on my body as it says on the label it can be used as a body wash. Although it was not my intention to use it as such, I was happy that it worked double duty as a body wash (and Sabs says, it works great as a facial wash, too).

The clear formula lathers very well, you only need teeny drop. It does have an earthy, herbal smell which is different from the floral/minty scents I've been accustomed to. As for protection, well so far so good -- no irritations or allergic reactions whatsoever. I'm pretty happy with this and I may repurchase more, this is very handy for jet-setters who want an all-in-one product that protects and is comprised of natural ingredients.

Saforelle is available at Glamourbox, South Star Drug, and Robinsons Department Stores


  1. I'm so pissed! Somebody stole my Saforelle sample and I haven't even tried it, huhuhu!

  2. Waaah! Buy na lang a new one, it should be available in Watsons na daw :)

  3. Nice! Will try it out soon. Thanks for the reco :)

  4. Paula Josef D. CatanghalJuly 18, 2014 at 10:05 AM

    Hi Beauty by Tellie!

    This is Pau from SaforellePH. Saforelle is available in South Star Drug and Robinsons Department Store, and will SOON be available in Watsons :) Tell us what you think. :)

  5. Hi, Pau! Can't wait for it to be available everywhere :)

  6. Well, if it's gentle enough for down there, it's gentle enough for the face :)

  7. I do enjoy your entries! 2 hours of waiting for my pt rehab and I was able to update myself with your beauty top picks to help me with my new found allergen-free product search :)