Friday, July 25, 2014

Burt's Bees Daisy White Facial Cleanser

While I've received the Daisy White two months ago at their blogger launch, I have honestly only tried them last month. I guess you can say that blogging about beauty for years has made me very selective about the products I use on my face. During my younger days, I've been more gung-ho about attending events and trying all sorts of products. Over the years I've learned to trim down and educate myself on ingredients that work and don't work on my sensitive skin.

I've admired Burt's Bees products from afar since college and I have yet to explore their full line. When I received my kit, I immediately zeroed in on two products that I was adamant on trying: the Daisy White Facial Cleanser and Serum.

Clinically proven to help improve the appearance of surface dullness, this cleanser, infused with Daisy extract, helps reveal a more even skin tone in as few as 4 weeks*. Formulated with a multifruit complex, our cleanser effectively removes dirt oil and makeup. Make it part of your daily regimen for a brighter and more even complexion, naturally.
Price: Php 795

Availability: Beauty Bar
As you all know, cream facial cleansers are my cleansers of choice. They're gentle, non-foaming, and moisturizing. I didn't think much of the Daisy White Cleanser up until my first wash -- after that I was immediately blown away. Where have you been all my life, Daisy White?

What I love: 

  • formula is thick and creamy (slightly yellowish in color due to natural ingredients), I take my sweet time massaging this into my skin every morning
  • its natural citrus scent is refreshing and invigorating
  • natural rating is indicated on the packaging, the cleanser is 98.7% natural (yay!)
  • able to remove excess sebum from my T-zone especially around my nose (some cream cleansers fail on this are as they are too gentle and fail to remove excess oils on first wash)
  • my skin is left soft and moisturized after rinsing
  • formula is soothing and won't aggravate pimples or existing irritations (used this while I had dermatitis on my forehead while testing another product and the Daisy White Cleanser helped soothe the irritation)
  • packaging is sturdy and perfect for travel; tube is huge, too

What I don't like: 

  • stings the eyes a bit while lathering, must be the peppermint oil ingredient?
  • the opening of the tube should be raised a bit to prevent the product from spilling
  • flip top could be improved, mine's a little loose

If you're curious about the purported brightening effect, I've only used this in conjunction with the Serum and so I believe that the brightening effect would be minimal at this point (you are encouraged to use the full line for best results). However, I did notice a little bit of translucence if you can call it that. My skin is blemish-free and clearer, somewhat balanced and dare I say, glowing. Don't mistake this for a whitening product though, because that's an entirely different story. 

I use the Daisy White Cleanser as the second step of my double cleansing routine and you should do the same if you wear heavy makeup everyday. It's very mild so I wouldn't consider this a heavy duty makeup remover. I really love this creamy cleanser (citrus scent and all!) and I would definitely buy when I run out. 

What are your favorite products from Burt's Bees? 
Share them with me below! :)


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