Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Achieve that "lit from within" glow with a healthy lifestyle and Myra Vit. E

We pay too much attention on the things we topically apply on our skin, we're even taught to read the ingredients label thoroughly, and heavily research on good and "bad" ingredients. While all these are well and good, we must not forget to also pay attention to our lifestyle and the food we eat which all contribute to our overall health condition. 

Necessities: Kor Water Bottle, Yummy Recipe book, Myra Vitamin E capsules
So aside from being an ingredients sergeant, here are some tips on how to get that "glow from within":

Sleep. Your entire body, including your skin, goes into repair mode while you snooze. Help your skin cells regenerate and your facial muscles relax by making sure you catch quality sleep. Still feel like you’re not getting enough rest when you wake up in the morning? One of the reasons could be that your alarm is rousing you in the middle of your deep-sleep stage. To make mornings less of a drag -- or if you know you’re only catching a few hours of shuteye -- try setting a wake-up time that’s a multiple of 90 minutes. This is the length of the average sleep cycle, so you’re sure to wake up to a beautiful morning.

Exercise. Even though you know that a good work out is great for your heart, lungs, and mental outlook, chances are, you’re still not hitting the gym as much as you should. Here's a little motivation that’ll inspire you to get moving: Regular exercise is also one of the keys to scoring healthy skin. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keeps them vital. It also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. Think of it as a cleanse for your skin, but from the inside. 

I know, I know. It's tough to stick to an exercise schedule when you're too busy with work (this is always my excuse). What I do is I skip riding the car, jeep, or van and instead walk to the office (a good 15 minute brisk walk) just to pump me up. Walking every day will do wonders for your legs -- think gorgey calf muscles :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Skintroducing: VMV Hypoallergenics Essence Antibacterial Hand Gel

Neat freaks like me will certainly love the idea of toting a handy dandy antibacterial hand gel anywhere. My friends often tell me I bring too many things every day -- in truth, I can't stand not having any alcohol spray, hand wash, nail cutter, nail file (the list goes on) in my bag. You'll never know when you might need it. 

Thankfully, VMV Hypoallergenics released their new Essence Antibacterial Hand Gel -- handy and pocket-sized, it's even stylish enough to attach to your bag handle.

A Powerful, non-irritating, instant anti-micro-bug-hand gel. Its coconut-derived monolaurin is clinically proven as effective as leading topical antibacterials - but is gentle on skin + moisturizing with its glycerin ingredient. Helps prevent the spread of infections.
Price: Php 150/20ml
Availability: http://www.vmvhypoallergenics.ph/

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Inspired by nature: The new Avon Naturals Bath & Body

Avon has been blowing me away with their new packaging and new releases so far. They first released the SSS Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion and Body Wash (which I totally love) early this year, then the beautiful Over Nature Collection followed suit, and now they've revamped their Avon Naturals line. 

Sporting a new look, every bottle is an elixir of the freshest burst of fruits and florals that makes caring for your body a more exciting, enjoyable experience. View the full line below and let me know which one strikes your fancy!

Avon sent me a basket full of  goodies!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Burt's Bees Daisy White Facial Cleanser

While I've received the Daisy White two months ago at their blogger launch, I have honestly only tried them last month. I guess you can say that blogging about beauty for years has made me very selective about the products I use on my face. During my younger days, I've been more gung-ho about attending events and trying all sorts of products. Over the years I've learned to trim down and educate myself on ingredients that work and don't work on my sensitive skin.

I've admired Burt's Bees products from afar since college and I have yet to explore their full line. When I received my kit, I immediately zeroed in on two products that I was adamant on trying: the Daisy White Facial Cleanser and Serum.

Clinically proven to help improve the appearance of surface dullness, this cleanser, infused with Daisy extract, helps reveal a more even skin tone in as few as 4 weeks*. Formulated with a multifruit complex, our cleanser effectively removes dirt oil and makeup. Make it part of your daily regimen for a brighter and more even complexion, naturally.
Price: Php 795

Availability: Beauty Bar

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Caravan II: BESPOKE

Following the success of the first The Caravan, The Caravan II is now here. Follow the tale of the thread and find something just for you with the second installment of The Caravan: Bespoke, An Affair of Monograms and Stories, in coordination with The Proscenium, Rockwell. Discover a diverse selection of customizable finds on July 26 to 27, Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 7 PM at The Kirov Model Unit (beside the Rockwell tent), Rockwell Center, Makati. From bags to shoes, jewelry, food, and beyond, it's time to make your mark and create something truly unique.

Featuring brands Aranaz, Maureen Disini, Stockton Row, The Best Impressions, Adorno, Camille Villanueva, Michelline Syjuco, The Urban Alchemists, Kiele, NCLA, Crow's Nest Handmade, Risque Designs, Adamant Eve, Lost + Found, Toni & Guy, Your Local, and more!

For more information, check out The Caravan on Facebook and Instagram.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: Strip Manila's IPL + V-Blush Treatments

Update: 3 weeks in and still hair-free! :)

Last week, I was invited to try Strip's new IPL and V-Blush treatments. These normally come at P5,000 a pop, but they were kind enough to let me try both treatments for free. I was assigned my usual waxer, Narlie, who dutifully explained the benefits of IPL first. She said this type of IPL is effective in removing hair and the head can penetrate up to 5cm below the skin's surface. It's virtually painless and she'll do 3 passes for 30 seconds each. The machine will let out a small beep ensuring that each pass is exactly 30 seconds long.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care

Enriched with the softening and calming properties of burdock, this gentle intimate wash delicately cleans and soothes irritations. It has mild alkaline pH and contains no soap or parabens, making it ideal for daily use.
Price: Php 159.75/100ml
Saforelle is probably one of the more underrated products out there. I first encountered this from my Beauty SOS Glamourbox and even brought this with me to Korea. Made in France, it's formulated by medical experts with the goal of offering a [feminine] wash that is gently for daily use. Check your current fem wash and most likely it doesn't say that it's meant for daily use. Here's a simple reminder -- always check the label. Made free of soap, parabens, colours, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde, and all those nasty chemicals, Saforelle mainly banks on its ingredient called Burdock that helps heal and keep irritations at a minimum

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Happy Organics Pink Himalayan Salt Goat's Milk Bar

Hi everyone! So sorry for the lack of updates as I've been busy with work. And to tell your the truth, I've never been this busy in my life that I have resorted to neglecting my blog (it was either getting enough sleep or blogging til the wee hours -- sleep won!). Anyway, things should ease up in a few months and I'll try my hardest to go back to blogging regularly. For now, let me share with you another beauty discovery from a new brand called The Happy Organics

I stumbled across this brand while surfing Instagram. Ahh, Instagram. It's been a routine for me to scour Instagram (it is part and parcel of my job at Glamourbox) and is fast becoming a guilty pleasure as well as there are so many indie brands on Instagram that I am dying to try. I love indie brands, more so if they offer organic or natural alternatives. Granting, these new start-up brands may not be FDA- approved (!) or have really bad packaging, but hey I like discovering them nonetheless. They also end up more affordable, too. 

This is an exception though as the packaging of The Happy Organics is really superb! I have a penchant for anything dainty and vintage-inspired, so when I got these in the mail I had to stop myself from taking too many photos :)

I received a bunch of these handcrafted natural soaps but for now let me feature the Double Detox Bar and Pink Himalayan Salt Goat's Milk Bar. Guess which one I tried first?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ultra Swim 2: A fund-raising swimming marathon for the benefit of CARA Welfare Phils.

My little fur babies are the best thing that ever happened to me. They give me so much joy, and I always look forward to seeing them first thing in the morning, and when I get home from work. 

If you love dogs and cats as much as I do and believe that these once neglected pets deserve a second chance at finding their forever home, let's all support Ultra Swim 2 by CARA. For the second time, triathlete Hanna Sanchez will swim a staggering distance of 25km (total of 500 laps) to raise Php 100,000 for the benefit of animal welfare. 

Ultra Swim 2 by Hanna Sanchez
Date: August 16, 2014
Venue: Enrique M. Razon Sports Center, De La Salle University Manila
When asked why she wanted to do a second Ultra Swim, Hanna was more than eager to share her reason: 
“If I can only help all the animals in the world you know I would but I am just a human, I can only do so much when it comes to furry dogs and cats. I couldn’t give a lot of money because I am not rich. Most of you know that. With my humble plea, help me help those animals in need.
There are a lot of animals suffering. We cannot just abandon them. All they need is just a little help with their medical expenses until they find a good home. It is not easy for them to experience such abuse from the people who are supposed to love them.
CARA helps by animals by taking them in. They treat them until they can be adopted by a loving family. Of course, this is a non profit organization. They need funds so that they can continue helping animals who have been abandoned, abused and left to die. We ask help together with CARA for any amount that you can donate to help these animals go to a good home.
I want to help them by dedicating my time and effort. I will be swimming 13 hours for all those animals in need. I am asking my friends and all those animal lovers to hear my call. You can donate a fixed amount or pledge per lap. Any amount you will donate is of great help to these animals. It will only take a minute to read the poster and donate."

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Absynthe Bath & Beauty Argan Oil

Ever since I had my hair digipermed, I've been a believer of the benefits of using argan oil on the hair. It resuscitates dry strands, temporarily mends split ends, and helps define and tame curly hair. I recently used up my second bottle of Snoe Argan Oil, and it was time to break out the Absynthe Argan Oil (Php 849/50ml) that I received a few months back. 

Glass containers with a pipette gives skin care products that premium feel, but when you're in a rush this type of packaging can sometimes get in the way. I appreciate Absynthe's pump packaging which makes dispensing faster and easier. I just pump a few drops on my palm, rub my palms together to warm up the oil) and then apply it to my hair. The subtle nutty scent and thin texture will tell you that this contains 100% argan oil (it claims to be eco-cert, too) and is not just loaded with silicones. 

There's only one downside though, after a few weeks of use the pump packaging started to leak. I can see oil seeping out from the pump which makes application messy sometimes. Maybe a sturdier and airtight packaging would help? 

I have yet to full review the other Absynthe beauty products I received, stay tuned for those. 

In the meantime, have you tried anything from Absynthe? 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Rainy day blues: Movies to watch when you're stuck at home

I don't know if it's "old age" or just being plain tired from work that I desire to just stay at home, relax, play with my dogs, and watch downloaded movies on weekends. I still go shopping sometimes but gone are the days of mindless wandering -- I just head out to do whatever errand I must do, then head home and rest. I guess I'm the party pooper now, huh? :P

Anyway, now that the weather is finally cooler, watching movies at home seems to be more enticing. No one wants to get caught in a rain shower unprepared -- and get their feet wet! Anyway, if you're stuck at home due to a heavy downpour, here are some movie suggestions. I'd watch these any day though, rain or shine :)

Kaijus and hot Rangers. This movie has the one of the best action scenes out there, even better than Godzilla. If you follow me on Facebook, you'd know that I watch this movie repeatedly.


In case you'd be stuck at home for hours (make sure you've got lots of munchies), then why not go for a trilogy? I've been fascinated with the Corleone family ever since I first saw The Godfather in early 2000 while staying over at my Dad's. Admittedly, I had a huge crush on Al Pacino (he did not age well though, sayang) and the mafia/gangster life has always interested me. Make sure to take note Michael Corleone's transition from innocent military man, to a sinister and ruthless godfather.


I used to be obsessed with being right. It was the only thing that mattered...at least to me. It drove people crazy. I was stubborn and held my ground. But later on I realized that sometimes being right all the time and having to endure so much stress in order prove I AM right, was not worth it. Sometimes you have to breathe, take a step back, and just let it go. This applies to work, family, even love. So in relation to this movie, "Do you want to be right or happy?"