Friday, June 6, 2014

What's New: Myra VitaGlow BB Cream

We love multi-purpose products, don't we? A cheek stain that doubles as a lip tint, moisturizer spiked with sunscreen, a leave-on cleansing water that removes makeup, while toning, and moisturizing skin. If it can cut my beauty routine in half, I'm in! This is why BB creams are still mainstays of our kikay kits -- it lightly covers imperfections, evens skin tone, protects from UV rays, all while keeping skin soft and supple. Generally speaking, it's an all-in-one product. 

Myra, the brand most known for infusing Vitamin E in its product line, released the Myra VitaGlow a couple of years back. In a nutshell, it was a tinted moisturizer loaded with lots of glitter! It had so much promise, but the shimmer was just too much for me.

But hey, here's some good news: Myra recently released VitaGlow BB Cream which is supposedly an amped up version of their tinted moisturizer. 

My press gift came in a screaming hot pink (and travel-friendly) personalized pouch, which when unraveled, revealed two BB cream shades (Ivory and Beige), plus a makeup brush set. 

perfect for travel, wouldn't you agree?
Here's what I think of this new drugstore find:

What I like: 

  • affordable at P99/20ml tube
  • readily available in Watsons and most drugstores
  • Ivory shade blends into my skin tone well
  • gives ample sun protection of SPF 15
  • evens skin tone, temporarily blurs large pores
  • spiked with Vitamin E to nourish skin
  • moisturizing enough for drier skin types (my Mom loves this product)
  • has microshimmer for "glowing" skin

What I don't like:

  • I prefer unscented products and this one is heavily [floral] scented
  • limited shade range, Beige may not suite deeper skin tones
  • streaky if not blended well
  • sheer coverage, you need concealer to hide redness and pimples
  • so-so oil control (I get oily in 2 hours)

The smaller opening ensures that you dispense the right amount each time. Myra's previous tube packaging for the Tinted Moisturizer had a slightly larger opening. Also, for some reason the texture of this is not as fluid as the previous, this seems "thicker."

Ivory vs Beige
I'm wearing Ivory on top and Beige below it. I had an epiphany (or brain fart) and decided to swatch it on my cheek, heh. Anyway, the shades look negligible when swatched on the hand but the tint shows up when you layer it and apply it to the face. As mentioned above, it may streak (it did on me) so getting the "right" shade matters. I match to Ivory perfectly (I have NC 25 skin tone) and am slightly acidic. Get Ivory if you are yellow-toned and lighter-skinned, while Beige is meant for medium-skinned ladies. Both shades are blendable with your fingers, sponge, or a brush. 

blended Beige using my finger and look what happened....
So does this contain glitter? It sure does! But in my experience, they seem less like glitter and more like microshimmer. I do see a lot of blog posts expressing so much hatred for these so-called glitter bombs, but for me they seems more manageable this time. You can top it with mineral finishing powder if you want a matte finish, or top it with your mineral foundation of choice for more coverage. 

Check out Ana's tutorial on how to create your own #glowonthego look with the new Myra VitaGlow BB Cream:

If you're looking for an affordable makeup base or just starting to explore the extensive world of BB creams, you can start with the Myra VitaGlow BB cream. It's affordable, easy to use, and very handy to tote along anywhere. If you can look past the glitters (I know some of you hate it), it could be a decent enough makeup base. 

Like it, hate it, on the fence about it? 
Let me know in the comments!


  1. will definitely give it a try - BB cream for P99 so affordable!

  2. I really do hope the glitter particles are not as big as in their tinted moisturizers. Those made me look like a disco ball especially in artificial light!

  3. Kung di magwork out sayo yung Shu, pass mo na lang kay Ae. :))

  4. Haha, I'm one of those who expressed 'hatred' for this product. I guess the contrast of the glitters on darker skin tones make the sparkle stand out. Either that or I need new prescription for myopia, the glitters are non-micro when I tried it (used the beige one).

  5. Sana magblog na ulit ang prettiest owl in the universe :)

  6. I do agree it's very streaky which is one of the things I don't like about it most. I was also disappointed that the coverage was so sheer. The most it was able to do was minimize my pores a little, but that's about it. I use Ivory and it matches my skin tone alright. Beige is just too dark for me and makes me look I self-tanned only my face...

  7. Haha nakakaloka yung "elusive Ae"! I had so much fun, girls--thank you (bitin)! Let's set another one before I get too big and tamad to go out. :)

  8. Hahaha, maybe I didn't shake it enough. Anyway, I noticed that those who had bad reviews for this used beige solely. Most of the ivory users were ok with the shimmers.

  9. I have the UV Mousse and nagiging mala-perlas yung balat ko when I used it but omg so sticky!

  10. Ooohh I now remember that I have that shu! Can't remember its effect though

  11. I usually stay away from products with so much glitter/shimmer in it. Good thing they released a new version! :)

  12. Interested to read your review on it!

  13. Update us all, okay? We want to know if it's a toss or keep :)

  14. Aww thank you, Rae! Unfortunately I don't think I'll be blogging regularly again anytime soon. I do guest reviews for Kira sometimes, abangan na lang hihi. I love your blog! Following you na on my Feedly. :)

  15. Glitter is nice... Why do some hate it? Hahaha! Brain fart - that's a new one for me. hahahahaha