Friday, June 13, 2014

The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Blusher Brush

For someone who only applies sunscreen + powder foundation in the morning, the right brush is critical. I wrote about the Ellana Baby Buki Brush but mentioned that it fans out too much which results to sheer coverage (at least, sheer for my liking). I've been using this brush since forever, but I secretly longed for a denser brush in the same size. 

At one of my previous beauty loot exchanges with Kari, I handed her an Innisfree brush and she swapped it with her The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Blusher Brush. I have the Extra Virgin Minerals Powder Foundation Brush which was perfectly dense but not portable since it was larger and more bulky. The former is shorter (only about 2.5" tall) yet had the same [animal cruelty-free] bristles. I was excited to use it the next day. 

Fast forward 3 months later, I've been using the The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Blusher Brush  everyday and never looked back. Granting it's labelled as a blush brush but it works excellently as a powder foundation brush. First off, the size is perfect for small hands, and the bristles are soft yet densely packed thus picking up a whole lot of mineral powder in one go. If the Ellana Baby Buki Brush (with the fanned out bristles) gave only sheer-medium coverage, TBS's version offers medium coverage right away.

I declare, this is definitely hoard-worthy. So two weeks ago at TBS's anniversary sale, I got 2 more brushes which were on BOGO: Php 1,095 for 2 brushes! Score!

my new faves (the one of the left is dirty, haha)
The only downside? It take a couple of days to dry because of the dense bristles. This was also one of the reasons I bought extra so I can alternate them. Currently I have 3 and I only wash them in soapy water, none of those chemical brush cleaners since my skin is extra sensitive.

I heard that the The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Blusher Brushes are in short supply, so visit your nearest TBS branch and check if they still have it on sale.

Have you tried this? What do think about it? :)

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  1. I love the shape of those brushes! You scored big with the 2 for one sale :)

  2. Definitely the right shape for applying powder foundation :)

  3. Ok, now I can't remember if the brush I have is the blush brush or the mineral foundation brush, I've had it for years and the label has already worn off. I vouch for this.

  4. They essentially look the same, it's just the size that's different. If it's about 2.5" tall then it's the blusher brush :)

  5. Is the charm retractable kabuki brush okay too?

  6. Hi @Jnine! I've only tried the non-retractable Charm Kabuki Brush (in the pink pouch) but I feel it's too big and fluffy. The one by The Body Shop fits perfectly in my small hands and the head doesn't fan out as much. I'm referring to the TBS blusher brush ha :)

  7. Thank you for that Ms. Kira. I have the avon kabuki brush which comes free with their mineral powder. It's not that soft compared to other kabuki brushes out there and it pricks my face but the bristles are dense. I would like to try a retractable brush since I can adjust the density of the bristles.

  8. Yeah the Avon brush is a bit scratchy. Let me know once you've tried the retractable brush, otherwise I'd recommend The Body Shop's blusher brush :)