Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Good 'Ole Rosemary & Almond Oil Salt Scrub by Jarful of Goodness

What do you use to exfoliate your skin? Admittedly, I've always relied on commercial scrubs for exfoliation, just because they were readily available and whenever I'd go grocery shopping I'd just chuck it in my cart. 

I came upon Jarful of Goodness while going through my Instagram feed (I am amazed with all the brands I find online!) and they thoughtfully sent two jars for me to try. 

To give you a quick background, Jarful of Goodness is created by mom-preneur, freelance writer, and corporate blogger, Lanie. She takes scrubbing very seriously and thus came up with an all-natural homemade alternative line of scrubbies geared towards not only exfoliating, but healing, and alleviating skin problems. Since every jar is made by hand and no preservatives are used, it is advised to use it all up in two months. 

My first review is on the Good 'Ole Rosemary & Almond Oil Salt Scrub:

This classic salt scrub has all the goodness and love of rosemary essential oil, almond oil and mineral salt. This awesome salt scrub is mild on skin and can be used on all skin types.
Price: Php 240
When I received this in the mail, the oils had seeped out and was all over the bubble wrap. I blame the heat for the spill -- at least the package was very fragrant in itself. I was very excited to use it!

This is my first time to experience a salt scrub and I was advised by Lanie that this type of scrub melts immediately upon use. A biodegradable spoon is included in every order (I assume this is the same as the biodegradable cornstarch plates and utensils I use for parties), and I use up about 2 spoonfuls for my entire body.

Here's a tip: After a quick shower, I rub a dollop of salt scrub onto my skin. It does immediately melt upon contact with water and leaves an oily film. So what I do if I need more scrubbing action is to apply another layer over it. The oily film makes for a smoother application, and since the water (from the previous showering) is gone, the salt scrubs remain intact and do a better job at exfoliating skin.

Also, the glass jar container is not recommended for clumsy people (like myself) so you may want to transfer a few scoops to a container so you don't have to worry about contaminating or dropping the jar.

The best part? No need to use moisturizer or lotion after rinsing. Because of the rosemary and almond oil ingredients, skin is left smooth and supple. I recommend this if you have sensitive skin and prefer a light exfoliation, best when used once to twice a week :)

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