Sunday, June 22, 2014

Banish bacne and bumps with ID Buff-Buff Apricot Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap

Living in a tropical country means perspiration, perspiration, and perspiration. And for some ladies with skin sensitivities, too much trapped sweat leads to bacne and skin bumps. Genetics aside, wearing skintight tops or nylon camis under sheer clothing is one of the culprits. Luckily, I've always managed to keep mine under control with VMV's ID Buff-Buff Apricot Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap

An invigorating, stimulating cleanser for body skin. Contains salicylic acid to sustain the Id System's anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, exfoliating process, plus Apricot Kernels to buff, massage and stimulate the skin, while sloughing off dull, old skin cells to keep skin fresh, soft, smooth, and clear. Helps clear up pimples, chicken skin and other skin bumps from all over body skin.
Price: Php 400

Contains salicylic acid, a form of beta hydroxy acid, that breaks down and exfoliates dead skin cells. This is heaven-sent for those who are who suffer from comedones (blocked pores) as salicylic acid penetrates the hair follicle and helps keep the pores from getting clogged. Peppered with apricot kernels and it effectively buffs, massage, and stimulate the skin.

The soap is solidly packed for its price, and will last many months if used properly and kept in a dry soap dish. You can even opt to cut it in half to prolong its life. 

Here's a tip: You may use the scrub itself as a body exfoliator but I feel that it's too abrasive at times especially since I use a separate body scrub every other week. If you prefer only the salicylic acid to work its magic, lather the soap between your hands and just rub the foam onto your body. You'll still end up squaky clean sans literally scrubbed out skin. 

I highly recommend this soap if you plan to don your bikini or bare your back for an important event. Just use it a few weeks prior to give your skin enough time to heal and smoothen up. The great thing is it micro-peels the skin and you won't experience any redness or raw skin. 

For more information you can visit I usually buy (hoard) these when they're on 25% sale so it doesn't hurt my wallet as much ;)


  1. I can make scrubs din, Kira :) How do you feel about Epsom salt? :)

  2. I love how VMV is able to incorporate active ingredients while still being hypo-allergenic :)

  3. Excited to see you on Friday, Tellie! :)

  4. Lanie Magno-RamosJune 30, 2014 at 11:16 AM

    Hi, Kira! I just found out about this review. Thanks for the feature! Sorry that some of the oil leaked. And yes, I'll be releasing non-glass packaging of the scrubs next month! I'll send some for you then!