Friday, May 16, 2014

Now you C it: Vitamin C products from my boudoir

It's been a very busy work week (what's new, right?) but I'm still on a high because I just got my US Visa and we were granted 10 years multiple-entry! Indulge me a little, it's my first time to apply for one :) 

Anyway, I am watching "Mean Girls" as of writing and am thoroughly enjoying how chill this weekend is going to be. I can catch up on blogging and spend time with my family. I also got organized today and rounded up my Vitamin C products. 

In recent years Vitamin C has undergone mass market popularity, it's been quoted to be included in lotions, body washes, topical solutions, facial masks, cosmetics, etc. The forms of vitamin C that are proven most stable and effective are: ascorbic acid, L-ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, retinyl ascorbate, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (source).

Generally, a well-formulated, stable Vitamin C offers a lot of skin benefits such as:

  • promote collagen production
  • improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin
  • protects skin from free radical damage
  • repairs visible signs of again
  • brightens skin tone

Vitamin C is a hit or miss for some ladies with sensitive skin, here are some of the products I've tried that I hope will help you in your search for the "best" Vitamin C product:

Contains 15% stabilized Vitamin C with Vitamin E, ferulic acid, and peptides. I'm glad the sample size has its own pipette for hygienic purposes. You can use it on its own or add a few drops to your serum. It can have a bit of a drag when applied directly to skin since it is absorbed right away. It is also lightweight and non-oily. 

2. Kosmea Rose Hip Oil - AUD 27.95

If carrier oils with Vitamin C are your thing, then I'd recommend using Rose Hip Oil. As you all know (sorry for being repetitive), Kosmea is my Rose Hip Oil brand of choice. It's not available on the Glamourbox website but you can always buy from The good thing about RHO is it's very multi-purpose: you can use it as a serum, moisturizer, eye treatment, it can even improve the length of your lashes (mine did!). RHO is also a natural source of retinoic acid as well know for regenerating damaged tissue. 

3. Ciracle Vitamin Source C-20 - Php 1,290/30ml

Available in SM Department Stores, it's one of the more affordable Vitamin C serums I've encountered (as far as liquid vitamin C products are concerned). I got this for Php 1,290/30ml. The pipette is packed separately in the box, and once you unscrew the cap, there is a fizz sound indicating that you're getting a fresh bottle. The thing is, it's indicated on the bottle that you have to use it right away as it oxidizes pretty fast. The bottle I got was set to expire in 6 months (!), so I used it everyday cos sayang. But it gave me bumps after two weeks so I gave it to my Mom. 

A lightweight, milky, non-sticky serum that contains ferulic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, emu oil, and elemi oil. It is absorbed by the skin well so it's great even during the warmer months. I noticed that my skin is smoother and my blemish spots have lightened while using this. 

A unique anti-aging product that contains a combination of hyaluronic and vitamin C to plump and moisturize skin. Since it's in gel form, it gives an immediate tightening effect and keeps skin matte and fresh. I use this at night and wake up to non-oily skin. If you have very dry skin, you can use this and top it with moisturizer. The only downside is it's not in an opaque container and it may oxidize faster than most. I got this late last year and it was in a clear gel form, now it's a bit yellowish. 

Take note that your tolerance to Vitamin C may differ from mine since it is a pretty strong anti-oxidant. Some break out from it, while some love it. 

Do you use Vitamin C products? Please share your top choices with me (silicone-free products only, please) :)


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