Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy birthday, Pnut!

I always knew I wanted to do something special for Pnut's birthday. And since he's not here with me anymore, I decided to have something more personal to remember him by, and that was through this lovely artwork created by Lai. It's now my profile photo, iPhone wallpaper, Twitter avatar, etc.

A few days before May 23rd, I was getting all emotional again because I remembered Pnut's last few days with us. Once you lose a pet, you never really get over it...I'm glad Komiki and Epsilon are here to keep me company, they help ease the pain a little bit.

Happy, happy birthday, my dear Pnut! I miss you every single day. I hope you're having fun up there in the rainbow bridge :)

And happy birthday also to our dear Chi-Chi and Sparky, my Mom and sister's doggies (sister and brother of Pnut) who are still going strong at 11 years old!

*Original artwork illustrated by Lai Geluz (


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