Saturday, May 3, 2014

First look: Nelly De Vuyst skin care products

I've been too tired as of late, so much so that last week I stayed in and slept for the most part of Saturday and Sunday. I was greatly alarmed as this rarely happens, usually I'm out on weekends doing what normal people do -- shop, eat, catch up with friends, watch movies, etc.

Even on weekends, I'm always up and about by 6:30am trying to squeeze in some blogging time before I do errands and attend to Epsilon. I am not a morning person, mind you, but I had to change my waking hours the last 6 months. I had no idea taking care of a puppy was too tiring to say the least, as Epsilon wakes me up very early every morning because he has to do #1 and #2. And once I'm up, I can't go back to sleep and I end up doing some leftover work or chores.

Well, hello there!
Today's spa + facial activity at SkinLux was long overdue, though I wasn't particularly looking forward to waking up early on a Saturday (no surprise there!). But, as it turns out, the spa-cial was exactly what I needed. Some ME time really can help a whole lot -- I am more energized now and well, seem well-rested. 

There will be a full-blown blog post on my SkinLux experience soon, but for now let me share with you the sample Nelly De Vuyst products I took home today.

Nelly De Vuyst is a botanically-charged, skin-friendly brand founded in Belgium and is exclusively used by SkinLux in the Philippines. Each product has impressively undergone at least 7 years of study and research. I got the Sensitive Skin Toner (conveniently in a spritz container), and the Sensitive Skin Cream to alleviate and reduce inflammations and redness. The toner was used during the facial and its rose scent was wonderfully relaxing, can't wait to re-live the experience at home :) Btw, award-winning blogger, Martine, is a fan of Nelly De Vuyst products and I have seen how it has improved her complexion dramatically. 

Stay tuned for my blog review of these products and my feature on SkinLux soon!

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