Friday, April 18, 2014

Revlite Laser Therapy Treatment at Wink Laser & Wax Studio

We just got back from Walkway at High Street, one of the activities I look forward to on Holy Week. This year, Church Simplified really made us reflect on our shortcomings and the meaning of Holy Week by encouraging us to have a stronger internal dialogue and understand on a personal level how each Station of the Cross. 

Towards the 9th station, I was teary eyed (honestly, I did cry in broad daylight and I saw some folks stare at me). There are times that I still question my purpose in life and I'm still in the process of discovering it, but Walkway made me realize that I am indeed blessed with a lot of supportive friends amidst all the challenges I encounter. I am especially thankful for my family and my best friend. 

In other news, there was also a bunny at Walkway! Moccasin was a pet bunny who made an appearance and the owner was nice enough to let us hold him and take photos. Isn't he the cutest?

Anyway, the other thing I like about long weekends is finally I can catch up on sleep and blogging! Writing (about products that I love) is therapeutic, I look forward to it every weekend as my crazy schedule only allows me to sit down peacefully and write towards the end of the week.

Last month, I was invited to try the new Revlite Laser Treatment at Wink Laser & Wax Studio. Finally their Trinoma branch is open and I can get my wax and laser fix anytime. As usual, Wink's interiors are a huge pick-me-upper from the very bright and happy colors to their signature asterisk decor.

Revlite is a new and revolutionary laser treatment designed to help you achieve smoother skin texture and more even skin tone by treating skin pigmentation, enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines, aging skin, and sun damage.

Choose from the following Revlite treatments: 
Wink Laser Facial - leaves your skin bright and glowing by shrinking pores, fighting oil and active pimples, and improving the appearance of pigmentations.
Complexion Correction - corrects skin tone and texture by reducing pigmentations, pore size, scars, and sun damage.
Age Retrace - stimulates collagen to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and deeper pigmentation.
Acne Erase - targeted to fight pimples and reduce deep, embedded acne scars.
Spot Treatment - a deep lightening and tightening treatment on specific areas.
Doctor’s services - pigment removal and tattoo removal done by licensed doctors.

I gladly chose "Complexion Correction" to hopefully lessen any skin pigmentation/sun damage and reverse fine lines. When I arrived, Sandra my facialist/waxer, discussed the treatment and expected results, and after-treatment maintenance.

I was prepped, my skin was cleansed using a gentle makeup remover (thankfully Sandra retained my brows), and then the treatment began. 

Revlite treatments last for about 15-20 minutes. Expect a slight stinging sensation (similar to the feeling of getting flicked by a thin rubberband) while treatment is ongoing. The stinging is stronger on areas that are more hairy and pigmented. I also saw firsthand that Revlite turns baby hair white, great if you have some baby hair on your forehead, around your brows, and on your upper lip. These hairs will fall off eventually.

With Revlite, there is very minimal downtime! Expect slight reddening of the face which will go away in a few minutes. Here's my face after the treatment:

Sandra also advised that I may experience micropeeling and breakouts a few days after treatment, but I'm happy to report that I didn't experience any of those which means that Revlite is suitable for sensitive skin. I have a pimple on my upper lip (see photo above) which dried up on its own a few days after treatment.

Did I experience a glow or any immediate skin improvements? I will be honest and say that I was very conservative about my expectations since I knew that it was my first session. I did notice that my skin was slightly brighter and more receptive to my nightly facial oil. It was only a week after when I had my monthly facial that I realized the difference of Revlite on my skin.

While undergoing extractions, my facialist of 2 years asked if I was under a new skin care regimen or had undergone any new treatments lately. I mentioned that I started using Rose Hip Oil but that was around November. She mentioned that my skin improvement is more recent, and so I thought about it and casually mentioned that I had laser therapy the week prior. To which she said, "Oh so that's why! Your comedones are all dried up and easier to extract! Your skin is much, much better, too!" So it took an experienced facialist (who is used to examining my skin up close) to validate that even on the first treatment Revlite can do wonders on skin. Imagine what several regular sessions can do!

with the effervescent Holly Chang, founder of Wink
my waxer/facialist, Sandra
Revlite treatments cost Php 4,000/session and it is recommended to have one done every 2 weeks for best results. They do have a promo bundle of Php 15,000/3 sessions. You can also inquire about their new installment plan which will make it easier on your pocket.

I'm way past the 2 week mark but I should be having my second session soon, please stay tuned for my next post on Revlite!

Visit Wink Laser & Wax Studio at: 

Trinoma Branch - 3/F Trinoma Mall, Quezon City (Phone: 950.4543 Mobile: 0917.802.8694)
BGC Branch - 3/F C2 Bldg. 7th Ave. corner 28th St., Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City
(Phone: 808.7258 Mobile: 0917.303.9465)

For more info, visit


  1. Your skin's already nice even before you had the treatment! So unfair, Kira! Haha :D

  2. Haha, thanks, Helen! :) Your skin is flawless, too!

  3. wooow ang ganda naman :)

  4. It also took me 7-10 days before I got that *glow*. And I did notice that my bigger cystic acnes on the forehead dried up superfast!

  5. You don't look like someone who gets cystic acne! Btw, just had my second session today :D

  6. Sandra is also my technician! Love her. :) She talks about their services in such an enthusiastic way.

    BTW, can you give us an update on your skin now (regardless of whether you had another session)? :) Like, did it ever go back (I assume it would, if not maintained), and did your facial hair grow back black? :) Would love to hear about it!

  7. Hi, May! I did go back for 2 more sessions. I really like the Revlite at Wink as I don't breakout afterwards (there's a disclaimer that you may or may not breakout after treatment). I hope to be able to continue it but it's something I can't afford at the moment :(

    As with the facial hair, my lady 'stache whitened and I haven't gone for upper lip threading for months. But now I see regrowth from hair that was previously threaded, but those that have undergone Revlite are still white :)

  8. I really want to try it, too, but imagine, I could go traveling instead! Thank you for the response! :) Will consider it in the future, if there's a new technology and price goes down. Lol!

  9. Don't worry, I hear ya! I would prefer to travel myself and maybe indulge once in a while :)