Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rave: Don The Grill Korean Bistro

While driving along Scout Rallos one night, we decided to stop at this new building called F7 Rallos and try a seafood restaurant. Unfortunately we were not satisfied with that restaurant and decided to venture elsewhere, and that's when we spotted Don The Grill on the second floor. It was fairly new and empty but we saw the flashing "Samgyeopsal" sign and we were reeled right in.

Just a quick background, Korea ultimately has delicious food, and that was one of the things that haunt us until now. We've been trying to look for a good dupe in Manila but have been disappointed so far. So since we were still searching, we might as well try this new unassuming Korean bistro.

In case you're wondering, "Don" in Korean means pork. Don The Grill offers 6 different kinds of samgyeopsal: fresh (plain), spicy go chu jang, garlic, parsley, miso, and black pepper. We're purists so we always order the plain one. Each order of samgyeopsal is only Php 280 which is good for 1 person.


I'm very particular about the ssamjang. I've been to a Korean restaurant in The Fort and their soybean paste or ssamjang was bland and watery. I've tried Hwaroro and Hanayo in QC and didn't like their soybean paste either. When in a pinch, I do bring my own paste which I get from Sinla Korean Market. Don The Grill offers free lettuce refills (yay!) and their soybean paste is thick and very flavorful, it really hit a home run!

Comparing once again to the other Korean restos we've been to, it's only here where we've encountered tender, really tasty and properly sliced pork grilled with almost the same dome-style griddle used in Korea. Of course, the pork in Korea is hands-down the best but this comes really close. There are different versions of samgyeopsal (it's also akin to bacon in Korea) but we prefer thickly-sliced ones and not the thin ones because they tend to curl up when grilled. Plus, we like them chewy and not crunchy.

The staff will patiently cook your samgeyopsal for you, though we're used to doing things ourselves and we could perfectly cook our own meal but they insisted on cooking it for their customers.

my Korean sister, haha
Here's how to create your own Samgyeopsal: 

get a piece of lettuce, the brighter the color, the better
choose your pork, medium grilled pork is best because it's still tender
dip it in sesame oil
dip in ssamjang
place pork on a lettuce leaf
top with rice and other appetizers like garlic, mushrooms, etc. 
pop it in your mouth, repeat!
My sister likes going through the whole process of wrapping while lazy me just eats samgyeopsal with ssamjang and rice.

sweet & spicy salad -- one of my fave appetizers

The delicious and affordable food plus accomodating staff and owners, it's no wonder we totally love Don the Grill! We're here almost every week and the good thing is they have freebies and special offers for frequent customers. I really recommend this Korean bistro if you're craving for yummy Korean food at very affordable prices. Check here for the menu.

Don the Grill Korean Bistro
Second Floor F7 Rallos 49 Sct. Rallos
0927 819 5000


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