Friday, April 4, 2014

Korea Travelogue Day 3: Bau House Dog Cafe

On our 3rd day in Korea, my sister Tish celebrated her birthday and decided to bring us somewhere special. She never told us where and we trust her because she has always been our "tour guide" when we travel (haha). So while we were on Hongdae‘s Seogyo-dong, we followed her into a grey non-descript building and then around the bend we heard barking and we gasped... was a dog cafe! Prior to heading to Korea I never did any research on cafes save for Nami Island and Myeongdong. This was the best surprise thus far! Awesome job on keeping this a secret, Tish!

the puppy area
Seoul pet cafes in Hongdae are popular now, and I heard there was also a cat cafe somewhere in Seoul but I am a dog lover first and foremost, thankyouverymuch. When we arrived we had to fall in line as the place was packed with couples, families, pet owners and their pets, plus the Bau House resident dogs. 

the play area for adult dogs
I know what you're thinking, it probably smells like [wet] dog in here but you know what, Bau House is impeccably clean, bright, and there are no doggy smells at all! The Bau staff are always on "red alert" and will clean, wipe, and deodorize the place whenever a dog does #1 or #2.

Bau House is separated into 2 parts: the puppy area and the bigger play area (shown above). It was teeming with dogs of various breeds and sizes, it was exhilarating and we were soaking up every minute of it! Imagine seeing all your dream dogs in one place -- this was heaven for us! :)

Admission at Bau House is FREE but each adult is required to order at least one drink. They have milkshakes, coffee, juices only.

the Bau House resident doggies

And now the fun begins! We entered the play area and immediately dogs started to sniff us and vie for our attention!

Bau, a Groendendael

A beagel and Boston Terrier begged for treats....

...but we were cheap so we didn't give them any, haha. Bau House sells treats though and you'll find out later how I ended up with a packet.

And then out of nowhere, this Old English Sheepdog galloped towards our table. Dad patted it....


it climbed on the table...

...stopped for a photo op, ran around, came back, sniffed me (I was seated beside my sister at the far end), and then peed! It wanted to pee on the couch but since he was so tall, he unintentionally peed on me!!! I freaked out and started to stand up, being so careful that my bag won't get wet. But...

..too late! My jeans were soaked! It was hilarious! My Dad started spraying my behind with lots of alcohol.

One Bau House staff quickly put the poor doggie on "time out", apologized profusely, and handed me a packet of treats as reparation. 

I was not offended or pissed off in any way because it was all in good fun, plus, that's what dogs do anyway! I also ordered another Oreo Milkshake because it was so delicious. Now that I have treats, I can bribe more dogs. 

I've always wanted a Corgi, they're so adorable!
Hatching a to take this doggie home with me
he reminds me of our old Dachshund, Nette

This little kid is so brave, she was confidently patting the huge Alaskan Malamute! All the dogs in Bau House are kid-friendly and non-aggressive, but still, a huge dog like him scares me.

We enjoyed our 3-hour stay in Bau House (I terribly missed Pnut while I was here) and I definitely would love to visit the next time I find myself in Seoul. For more info, visit

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  1. Ay andami, haha :D

    I currently have squalane and argan oil from Skinstation. Not bad naman for both pero I don't use them consistently enough to observe results.

  2. The corgiiiii :3 This is an awesome place! I wish they'd do one here..

  3. Dogs! Dogsdogsdogs!!!! OMG that place totally looks like heaven, especially that photo where your family is surrounded by all sorts of dogs! I wish someone comes up with something similar here!

  4. like like like love love love ^___^

  5. Didn't know Absynth is local! Hooray for Philippine made products~

  6. I've always wanted a Corgi, they're so short and stout! So cute :) One of the Corgis was masungit kaya I only have 1 photo, haha.

  7. I wanna have a dog cafe here, too! When I have the funds, haha. This is right up my alley <3

  8. Heaven for dog lovers like us :D

  9. First time I've heard of a dog cafe!Ang saya -saya! Whose dogs are those? The cafe owner's? Or is it also a sort of a daycare for dogs? What's that dog you're holding where you're hatching a plan to bring him/her home? Hehehe! Ang kyuuuttt!!!

  10. Hi Jay! Resident dogs (dogs ng cafe) and meron din dogs ng visitors, so lahat sila naglalaro! Supen fun and I was so happy in that cafe! :D