Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ellana Minerals updates: Get 15% discount + FREE foundation returns

Buying makeup online can be tricky. Call me old-fashioned but I prefer traipsing into an actual store, swatching the products, and even taking my sweet time reading the labels. Oh yes, I am a very touchy-feely customer. But I also understand that things can get so busy sometimes that shopping online is the most convenient and efficient way of getting things done. Confession: I've been so busy even on weekends that I've been to the mall only twice in the past 2 months. I declare, being busy can also serve as an opportunity to save. My bank account is leaping with joy :P

Anyway, I wanted to share with you that Ellana Minerals is now offering such a great deal: if you purchase a foundation or powder online or in stores and discover that it doesn't truly match your skin tone (believe me, mall lights can be deceiving), you can exchange it for the correct shade FREE of charge. This offer is only until May 11.

Here are the simple terms:

1. Returns will be accepted within seven days of purchase. If you purchased online, just ship the product back to us (you'll just need to cover the shipping) and we'll send you a new shade for free.

2. Returns are only valid for the Mineral Foundations and Loose Powders (excluding the Sheer Velvet Powder, since it's translucent). You can exchange your purchase with another shade from the same line.

3. Only one return per purchase. You may consult with us about your shade anytime by emailing or messaging Ellana on Facebook.
Note: For purchases made at the Ellana counters in Cinderella and The Ramp, please include your receipt when you ship out the foundation. You may also return the foundation to the Ellana office in La Fuerza Plaza, Makati, where they can better assist you with your shade match.
Additionally, you may have noticed the new Ellana banner on the left side of my blog (I am an Ellana Sales Affiliate, FYI). Purchases made from my link will entitle you to a one-time 15% off discount on ALL full-sized Ellana products (not including the samplers of course).

Still not convinced about switching to mineral makeup? You can read my review on the Ellana Minerals Pressed Powder FoundationPressed Mineral Blush Duo in Kitty/Peach Passion, and Baby Buki  Brush. Hope these help! :)


  1. Hi Kira! I have been reading your beauty blog and trying to look for beauty products which are PABA-free, Paraben-free and Hypoallergenic since my stash of cosmetics that I currently use is sadly not allergen-free for me😟 So I was wondering if Ellana is a good choice since Clinique would be a lot expensive😃 I'd like to try and hopefully it can match my acidic combination skin😊

  2. Hi, Mira! Yes, I highly recommend Ellana if you have skin sensitivities. I am really hiyang with the brand and I've hit pan on my Pressed Powder Foundation.

    I love Clinique, too, and I've been a fan of their DermaWhite Liquid Foundation for years. But as you said, it's a little expensive for daily use. What I use now is VMV Armada 60n topped with Ellana, that's my makeup routine. I'm acidic, too, so don't worry about that :)

  3. I also use VMV eventhough it is not paraben-free but that's the least from the other sunblocks in the market. Also, I can't even use products with whitening (Hydroquinone) because I am also allergic. I used to use Clinique but it tends to be oily for me. Haven't tried to go back to Clinique but maybe soon :) Thanks for the suggestion for Ellana Minerals! :D I'm starting to read labels and product recommendations which goes for natural and organic ingredients and thanks to your beauty blogs I am able to decide and try it sooner! Will avail your discount link too! :) Thanks!