Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beautifully Healthy Skin with Neutrogena

I've heard the term tiis ganda far too many times. Often related to fashion pagtitiis like wearing sky high heels that hurt, sucking your gut in while wearing a skintight dress, and wearing that fashionable jacket when the temperature calls for sleeveless tops and lighter fabric. In beauty, tiis ganda is often used as well. It could perhaps refer to enduring painful treatments just to maintain one's youthful looks, or even something as simple as layering on too much makeup in order to look "perfect."

Neutrogena® recognizes these tiis ganda episodes that all women go through, and they've set out to banish these popular skin myths and set the record straight. Ella David-Reyes, Neutrogena's Senior Brand Manager, shares, "Many Filipino women believe in tiis ganda, making it acceptable for them to go through skin irritation and discomfort in the name of beauty. Our main goal is to spread the message that healthy is the new beauty."

And indeed, a lot of women are switching to gentler (and more effective) formulations in lieu of harsh products that strip away moisture and do more damage than good. "Neutrogena®’s products combine scientifically proven formulas with skin-friendly ingredients.” David-Reyes added, “This combination allows Neutrogena® to effectively address skin problems in a healthy and pleasant way."

For someone like me who didn't have perfect skin growing up (I battled oilies and pimples, too) and who thought that washing with a good bar of soap would "get rid of all the bacteria", I've learned to slowly transition to gentler cleansers that don't foam as much yet keeps the pH balance of my skin intact. You'd be surprised how just switching to the right cleanser or moisturizer can do wonders for your skin, and keep wrinkles and dryness at bay.

with Director Joel Salindong
When Neutrogena contacted me last February about shooting a video and help banish some popular skin care myths, I felt honored. I've always looked up to Neutrogena as a brand that took skin care seriously. I've always been a fan of their products and secretly wished that they'd bring their makeup line to the Philippines. On the other hand, I was also terrified about video shoots because I'm shy and I get self-conscious easily. So please, when you watch the video below please be kind :D

Neutrogena bestsellers that I swear by
My favorite Neutrogena product is the Hydro Boost Moisturizers which comes in a hydrating gel form (perfect for oily skin and our tropical weather), plus it boasts of SPF 30, too! It is made with a combination of Olive extract and Hyaluronic acid that allows it to provide up to 200% hydration, plus a Progressive Release System that keeps skin hydrated for up to 12 hours.

Next is the Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+, a water- and sweat-proof, non-greasy, sunscreen that leaves a light velvety feel for more comfortable use. The Ultra Sheer™ sun protection range has SPF 50 and has specific variants available for face and body. Best of all, it does not leave that sticky white film (that dreaded white cast) or residue upon application which people have come to associate with most commercial sunscreen products.

The radiant Kim Jones is also the new face of Neutrogena. I met her during the shoot and she is just lovely in person! She shared that Neutrogena is very close to her heart as she's been using the brand while growing up in very sunshine-y Australia. Kim is especially in love with the Neutrogena sunblocks which is really a big part of her skin care regimen especially since she regularly surfs with fiance, actor Jericho Rosales.

Reyes-David adds, “The Neutrogena® woman is naturally beautiful, optimistic and upbeat. Kim is all that, and more, which is why we’re very happy to have her onboard. As an actual brand user, she accurately represents the beautifully healthy skin that Neutrogena® advocates.”
For women who aspire for beautifully healthy skin, Kim advises a balance between finding the right skincare brand and living a healthy lifestyle. “Skincare is so important but that’s not all of it. Beauty really does come from within. It will resonate from your personality, your level of fitness, your health, and even your eating habits. All those should be part of your overall beauty regimen.” 

As part of Neutrogena®’s campaign for beautifully healthy skin, Kim Jones is featured in three online videos debunking common beauty myths. Visit to view the videos.

Deep Clean™, Ultra Sheer with Helioplex™ and Hydro Boost™, along with other Neutrogena® products, are available for purchase online via


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  3. Hi Rae! Thanks, the tank top is from Zara :D Have we met na? I don't have perfect skin! I still get comedones and pimples once in a while but it has greatly improved in the last 5 years. A good skin care regimen + regular facials (one a month) + mineral makeup has made a noticeable difference on my skin. I'm still low maintenance though compared to others :D

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