Friday, March 28, 2014

Robbing the cradle: My fave baby products

I just had a 2-hour dental procedure (removal of my impacted tooth) earlier today. According to Dra. Tan-Carpio, unlike her other patients I was very enthusiastic about the surgery and was willing to even look in mirror periodically to check the progress. She explained that my impacted tooth was under another molar, and its roots were fused to my jaw. I remember her asking me, "Do you want to see?" At first I hesitated, and then asked, "Is it bloody?" To which she replied, "No, there's no blood." I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Game, I want to see!"

So she handed me a mirror and I peeked. And all I was thinking about the the whole time while looking at my teeth was, "Wow, this is pretty neat!" Okay, I am thisclose to explaining how my gums and teeth looked like but I know I have some squeamish readers so I'm holding off on my graphic explanation. This is where I thank my Dad (who is coincidentally a Doctor) that he made me watch all those NGC/Discovery Channel documentaries on the human body while I was growing up. I am ever so curious about everything :P 

Anyway, I had braces installed a few weeks prior to surgery so essentially I am back to being a metal mouth. Hopefully my teeth will be perfect by the end of the year (perfect abs can follow, haha). But as with everything, I still have to endure some discomfort, pain, swelling, and bruising which is normal after surgery. So I guess I'm staying home this weekend, le sigh.

Well that was a long introduction. Do you find yourself gravitating towards baby products while shopping? I do! And I think it stems from the notion that baby products are gentler and more tailored for sensitive or intolerant skin. I've accumulated quite a number of baby products which I use on a regular basis, some of these finds are multi-purpose and are more affordable than most "adult" skin care/beauty products. 

So here are my picks: 

AVON BABY MOISTURIZING LOTION (Php 159/200ml, regular price is Php250)

When Avon phased out my favorite lotion of 10 years, the Moisture Therapy Oatmeal Lotion, I was left sad and wanting. I really liked how lightweight it was and how it soothed my dry skin. Since then, I've been in search of a suitable replacement, preferably something that didn't leave me feeling coated and with very minimal fragrance. Mara, my friend from Avon, suggested I try their Avon Baby Moisturizing Lotion. So I got a few and tried it the moment I got home. It's creamy yet impressively dries fast and matte. When I thought I was over powdery scents, the Avon Baby Moisturizing Lotion proved me wrong -- the fresh powdery scent was addicting and so refreshing. In my opinion, it's the best "powdery" scent out there, as I know there are many versions of this baby scent. Love this to bits, I will probably hoard this next time it goes on sale. FYI, it's still not an exact dupe of the Moisture Therapy Oatmeal Lotion, but hey, it's a pretty good alternative!


I purchased these from Celine Gabriel-Lim as gifts for my inaanaks last Christmas. They loved it and so did the Ninang, haha, so much so that I kept 2 bottles for myself. I really love the baby scent and it's not overpowering at all like other citronella bug sprays, in fact, Kiele is is very light and just perfect for summer. I use it mid-day when I need to perk myself up, because we all know work can be boring by 3:30pm (this is the time I usually fall asleep in my cubicle, haha). My inaanaks tell me that it really helps keep mosquitoes at bay, but I have yet to try or notice its bug-zapping effects on me since I primarily use it as a cologne. Order Kiele through 0917-8362175.


Made up mostly of EcoCert Aloe Vera, I discovered this while I was pitching to a client for Glamourbox. I was so intrigued with Aloe Derma's line of EcoCert products that I had difficulty choosing what to get. The Aloe Derma Gentle Baby Lotion is lightweight and has a gel-cream consistency. If your skin is dry however, you may need a more emollient product. The downside is, I find it a little expensive for the size as I could use this small bottle up in a month :(


Ever since I discovered Physiobebe from the Bridal Bliss Glamourbox, it's been a staple in my kikay kit. I apply some to a cotton pad and use it to remove light makeup, same thing with the Cleansing Milk. It's non-irritating and smells really good, exactly how babies smell (you'll know once you sniff these). These sample sizes are keepers, too. I just refill them when I travel. 

A handy-dandy multi-purpose product: good for soothing and disinfecting scrapes, small wounds, as a nourishing lip balm, facial moisturizer, cuticle softener, the list goes on. Its main ingredient is coconut-derived monolaurin which is a clinically-proven antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, antiprotozoal. It's also the key ingredient in the popular Id Monolaurin Gel, a great skin mattifier and pimple fighter. 

PS: Do you remember Vandol? It's a diaper rash ointment which I remember using on my entire face when I was in high school. It was sort of my "night moisturizer." I wonder if it's still around...

Do you have any skin care products that you swiped from the baby section? 
Share them with me below! :)


  1. I also love love the smell of the Avon baby moisturizing lotion. It's not sticky and is easily absorbed by the skin. It's on sale for April 1-15 for 159php. I am an Avon lady myself.. :)

  2. I've been a fan of Avon for years! Love that they're stepping up their game and improving their skin care and makeup lines :D

  3. Hi Kira. I purchased 2 bottles of Kiele bug spray/baby cologne at a baby
    fair last week. I gave 1 to my son's playmate and the 1 I have is
    quickly running out. I'm not sure how I will restock. Do you know how I
    can contact the seller?

  4. Hi! You may contact the Kiele at 0917-8362175. :)

  5. Thank you very much! :)

  6. I'm super curious about Vandol. Never heard of diaper rash cream as moisturizer. It's like the time my friend told me she uses Lactacyd on her face (spoiler alert: Lactacyd has a facial wash!) Anyway, wouldn't the Vitamin A make it reactive with most skincare products? (Sorry, I don't know a lot about contraindications of vit a and its derivatives :/)

  7. I wanna try the boo boo balm!