Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nestle Temptations of the World: Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream

I remember the first time I had a taste of the famous Cookie Butter spread. A kindred soul just decided to surprise everyone and bring an unopened jar to the office. We huddled around it, broke open the seal and relished in the delicious aroma of this coveted cinnamon spiced cookie spread.

Now on account of trying to be more healthy, I've lessened my sugar intake and totally forgot about Speculoos altogether. Well, up until last week that is when the lovely people over at Nestle informed me that they were so excited to send me some of their Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream tubs. *big smile*

Speculoos-flavored ice cream with generous ribbons of Speculoos spread and cookie chunks. Heaven :D
Of course, it would be so wrong to eat this by myself (which actually seemed like a good idea at that time, haha) so I decided to share it with my friends, Alex and Jo.

Alex got first dibs...
...then Jo took a mouthful!
The Nestle Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream has a lovely hint of cinnamon, and surprisingly was not overwhelmingly sweet at all! I was half-expecting the ice cream to be very sweet as Speculoos  can be rather sickening (read: nakakaumay) after a while, but this ice cream definitely balances the sweetness of the Speculoos and spicy-ness of the cinnamon.

Share a tub of Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream with good friends today! Available at all major supermarkets.

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