Saturday, March 1, 2014

Best of 2013: Makeup

Let me present my favorite products of 2013. These are the products and brands I discovered or was introduced to last year, some I've written about and mentioned several times on this blog while some have yet to be reviewed.

So here are my picks: 

This is my mascara of choice. It is waterproof and remains intact for hours, usually other long-wearing mascaras tend to give up on me by 5pm and end up I having these dark smudges at the outer corners of my eyes. The Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara effectively separates and defines each lash, even reaching the lashes in the inner and outer corners. It doesn't provide lots of volume though, but is easily removed using warm water. 

I've sworn my love to the Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil a few years back, but when I discovered the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24HR Auto Eyebrow at the brand launch last year, I immediately loved the shade selections and how easy it was to apply (plus no need to sharpen!). What's more, the color was just perfect match to my light brown hair. I bought 2 pieces initially, then bought 2 more in Korea. That's how much I love it!

The blackest liner I've ever encountered, this stays put on my oily lids for hours. I tried K-Palette's famous 24HR Real Lasting Eyeliner in Korea but after 3 hours my sister pointed out that the liner on my left eye had already faded. Argh. So much for being long lasting. The Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eye Liner is only available at Glamourbox. 

After battling pimples and comedones for years, the secret to healthier and clearer skin was in switching to more natural makeup. I'm so glad I was re-introduced to Ellana. I've been a fan years before, but forgot all about it when I decided to try other makeup brands. Now Ellana is back with our old favorites plus some new and equally awesome products. I am really liking their new Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation and the Pressed Mineral Blush Duo in Kitten and Peach Passion which gives me a natural flush. My skin has greatly improved while using it, I am now a firm believer in mineral makeup. 

Of course, the Ellana Baby Buki brush is a bonus product as it works well with my Ellana foundation

5. MAC Daddy's Little Girl (from the MAC Archie's Girls collection)

My favorite orchid shade -- wish I hoarded at least 2 more so I have backups. This is the brightest lip color I own thus far, looks like this when worn

It's no secret that my fave lip product of all time are the Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balms. I have 4 as of writing and I plan to buy MORE! Read my reviews on Bitten Berry, Baby Bare, and the Magic Tink Tint. My review on Rosy Red coming soon. 

So that's my humble list of makeup faves. Stay tuned for the part 2 as I'll be featuring my fave skin care products of 2013...and I think it's going to be a much longer list compared to this. 

Happy weekend everyone! :)


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