Friday, February 14, 2014

The "Puppy Uglies" Stage

Epsilon is now 4 months old! He is 1.5 lbs, and he has been shedding his hair -- a lot of it, actually. A few weeks ago I was so scared because I noticed his thinning hair and some bald spots. I checked online and as it turns out, Epsilon has entered the so-called "puppy uglies" stage.

The "puppy uglies" stage happens when a long-haired pup is about 4 months old. The puppy starts to shed its puppy hair to make way for its gorgeous adult coat. The phase ends when the puppy is about 12-14 months old. I've never had a long-haired dog in my life so this is a huge first for me. I was greatly concerned initially, thinking I got a low-quality Chihuahua or Epsilon has contracted some sort of skin disease. Thankfully, this is a phase that all long-haired dogs go through.

So my very cuddly and fuzzy Epsilon that weighed .3 lbs....

...has now turned into a 1.5lb monster. Kidding! There are obvious changes like his snout is more pronounced, he's taller and longer, and his legs are leaner.

And tufts of hair have started to fall out, you'll see some bald spots below:

Notice that the wispy puppy hair is already being replaced by denser, and darker fur. The shedding will continue until the puppy is about 12-14 months old, and I read on some forums that this is the ugliest stage in a dog's life -- some owners are even ashamed of their pets during this time because the pup looks scraggly and well, bald.

Pnut went through a weird stage, too, but since he had a short coat, he didn't have any balding episodes. But he did go through a phase where his head was bigger than his body and the proportions were all wrong...he did turn out beautifully after a few years though, and became so "macho", haha.

My vet also recommended giving Epsilon Love Drops which is a skin and hair vitamin, which I think is totally unnecessary (and expensive at Php 8/day!) because if a dog is supposed to go through this stage, then it's a given that the hair looks dry and frizzy. But anyway, I'm giving it to Epsilon and hope it does make a difference, or at least makes him healthier overall.

So there, I'm excited to see how Epsilon will turn out. Updating you all soon :)


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