Friday, February 21, 2014

My Ash Brown Hair + Freehand Highlights from JuRo Salon Exclusif

I've been a fan of JuRo Salon for 2 years, ever since I first encountered them during my ARC days. Now only Jude cuts my hair and Rose does the coloring. I even paid them a visit when I was dire need of a touch-up during my cousin's wedding last October 2013 (PS: I paid for their services).

Last December, Rose surprised me with a very lovely and thoughtful offer: they would be cutting and coloring my hair for free. "Think of it as our Christmas gift to you," quipped Rose. Oh my, I was so happy and thankful! I wasn't able to get a cut and color right away as we flew to Korea, so I rescheduled my appointment to January a few days before they left for the US.

This is how my hair looked like when I arrived at the salon, I actually did like how Rose colored my hair and strategically placed some highlights. But as you can see from the photo I have about 3 inches of regrowth, it still looks pretty decent though.

First up, a hair cut. Jude is the most enthusiastic and passionate hair stylist I've ever encountered. Every time I see him, he's always talking about the latest trends plus the science behind it. He's always up for a challenge and always wants to pursue excellence through continuous training. That explains their yearly trip to the US, to attend conventions and to learn more about the newest trends around the world.

Jude asked if I wanted to go shorter -- as in pixie short -- I wasn't sure if was ready for that kind of commitment. So he asked permission to snip off 2 inches of hair instead. 

After our quick chika, it was now time for Rose to take over. She was going to give me ash brown hair with freehand highlights. She wasn't going to use any foils as in traditional highlighting, thus the term "freehand". After studying the movement of my wavy hair (which they've mastered over the last couple of times I've had my hair done at JuRo), Rose then strategically placed the highlights. "You need an experienced eye and a controlled hand," shares Rose. I am guessing some stylists might go overboard with the highlights if they're given this much free rein.

So, obligatory photo with the highlights...

..then the full-on ash brown hair color. 

After drying my hair using a diffuser and a quick check by Jude...

...ta-daah! Here I am with my new ash brown locks!

The next day, I honestly thought that it looked a little mousy and I didn't even notice the highlights. After a few more washes (or up until a week later, I think), the highlights came out and the ash brown color started to develop.

Here's a photo taken yesterday, roughly a month and a half after the treatment. This is how it looks like air-dried with a 2-year old perm. Most of the curls have been cut already, but I've still got a few tendrils left. I'm thinking of getting another perm soon, what do you think? Plus, my hair is too long na naman!

I love my hair color as usual, and received so many compliments on the color. Overall it's lighter than my previous Cool Contrast color and the highlights are a lot more subtle.

Apparently ash brown is sort of a popular shade now but it's a little tricky because some salons (I've heard) have different versions of this shade, but according to Angela, she particularly likes mine. Thank you :)

Thanks again, Jude and Rose! See you again soon :)

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