Saturday, February 15, 2014

Korea Travelogue Day 2: Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall

Before heading back to our hotel after a long and very cold day (read about our trip to Nami Island and Petite France), we decided to do a little shopping in Gangnam Station. We've been on the train twice already, I do enjoy exploring commuting via train because it gives me a chance to observe the locals and the technology -- didn't do this in India though because we were gravely warned against commuting there since it wasn't safe for tourists, especially travelling via train.

Walking along Gangnam Street you'd only see a handful of people because it's in the underground Gangnam Shopping mall where the real action is. It's a flurry of activity down below and densely packed with shops, cafes, restaurants, people rushing to get to wherever, the works. Plus it's warmer, which is why I opt to pass through underground train stations than take the shorter route on street level. 

Here are a few snapshots:

I like people watching here, too, because there are a lot of Koreans wearing chic and stylish winter wear, none of those exaggerated K-Pop outfits back in the Philippines. Their skin is also very luminous with very minimal makeup -- emphasis on minimal because we Filipinas tend to just apply too much in order to mattify our skin. I noticed that most Koreans have dewy complexions achieved by using a BB cream with a dewy finish or a good highlighter.

Alas, I really wanted to take some fashion photos but for some reason, Koreans are very conscious about cameras. Several times I'd angle the camera but the my victim of choice would either walk faster, cover her face, or walk the other way. As you can see, I was only successful taking ninja shots of people. 

Oh, the makeup brands in Gangnam! Nature Republic was the most prolific with boutiques at every corner, Etude House comes in second. Innisfree only had about 2 boutiques, if I remember correctly. 

In my previous post, I purchased at the Innisfree store along Gangnam Street and they gave me lots of freebies -- a makeup kit plus pint-sized versions of their skin care sets. Now because I love Innisfree so much, I also purchased makeup in the subway store but got only got a couple of sachet samples here. You could say that I was pouting my way out the store, haha. Note to self: purchase in standalone stores only next time!

Anyway, onward to more shops. There are familiar stores like Le Bunny Bleu plus some local ones that sell accessories, bags, caps, clothes, etc. The photos here are from the "Greenhills" side, there's a more posh shopping area which I'll show in my future posts. 

I wanted to try Soft Queen Bee, a cutesy ice cream parlor/cafe that serves desserts, but we didn't have enough time to spare. 

they have real honeycomb on their cakes!


  1. Awww so thats why our dog before went through that phase too pala pero di ko masyado pinansin haha! Ngayon ko lang nalaman yan! Ohwell too late for me I dont have a dog anymore. Anyway ang cute ni epsilon :)

  2. Hi! I love your blog- do you happen to have some rough estimates as to prices in the Sephora Singapore store? I'm planning a trip there in a few weeks and am wondering if it'll be worth it to buy some items there :) Any suggestions would be appreciated- thank you!

  3. Epsilon is my first long-haired dog, so I just learned about the puppy uglies stage, too!

    Epsilon says thanks and hello! :)

  4. Hi Michaela!

    Thanks for being a fan of my blog :) Gosh, it's been a year since I've been to Sephora and I can't quite remember most of the prices. But based on the photos, the Sephora-branded foundations/makeup are around 27 SGD, Rosebud Salves are 16 SGD :) Check out Soap & Glory while you're there! Have fun! :)

  5. jakieandthebeadstalkFebruary 17, 2014 at 9:30 AM

    I had three shih tzus who shed for months! Our house was a nightmare for ashthmatics. My first long haired-dog was a japanese spitz and that time I was so worried because there were tufts of fur all over the house. I went to the vet immediately. So when the shih tzus came to our home later, I was already aware and more prepared for this phase.

  6. I have two chihuahua-shih tzus. The chihuahua has short fur and unfortunately, they never got out of this ugly stage. It's like their fur literally can't decide whether they wanna be long or short!

  7. How are your dogs now? My shih tzu never shed hair...but then again I always send her to the groomer's. Mahirap mag-maintain kapag long hair, so I always give her a buzz cut, haha. Mas presko pa!

  8. Tellie, what that the cute doggie I saw in your IG account? I think wire-haired sya. Epsilon is sorta wire-haired but I'm hoping he'll get his mom's long fur. Kahit sa face lang long to balance out his huge ears, heehee.

  9. The cute one is the mom! She has amazingly even, shiny, soft and white fur. The puppies are little balls of scruff with super alanganin hair (but I love them anyways <3) Aww I think Epsilon would be so super cute with long facial hair!

  10. I hope so! His puppy hair is almost gone, and he has longer hair na on his ears :) He's growing up too fast!

  11. jakieandthebeadstalkFebruary 24, 2014 at 9:49 AM

    Ok naman na sile. They shed talga if I don't have them groomed. (Minsan, pinapa longhair ko sila eh. ahahah) Cute yung buzz cut, ang lambot lambot pa diba? hehehe. Nanotice ko din na pag di buzz cut, may mga red red marks sila or clumps. Or maybe it's the dog food. 4 yrs old na yung isa, yung isa 2. Yung isa, pinamigay ko na kasi mahirap at magastos talaga mag maintain.