Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ellana Baby Buki Brush

Just a quick blog post on my favorite mineral makeup brush -- the cutey patootie Ellana Baby Buki brush. As mentioned in my previous blog post, I love it so much that I decided to purchase another one as backup. I'm a chronic cleaner and I clean my brush with soap and water every week, so I got very concerned about damaging it and figured I needed an alternative brush to use while it's drying.

Anyway, at the recent Ellana Beauty Advocate event I purchased another Baby Buki at a 25% discount. Original price is at Php 330 and I got it on that day for only Php 247.50. Score!

old vs new Baby Buki
FYI, my old Baby Buki was purchased way back in 2006 and was only Php 300, so a Php 30 price increase is not bad. Off the bat, I noticed that although both are made of soft, high quality nylon hair, the old version seems to have denser and coarser bristles which helps it pick up mineral makeup better. The bristles of the new version are smoother, fans out more and are longer. Has anyone else noticed these important changes in the Baby Bukis?

Initially I sort of felt like it wasn't applying the mineral makeup properly, it seemed like it was just dusting it everywhere. But I got the hang of it after several uses, but I still like the previous one better. 

Baby Buki photo from Ellana website
Anyway, these Baby Bukis are still encased in a detachable silver tin which is great because it keeps the brushes safe in my kikay kit and prevents bacteria and dirt from contaminating the bristles. The size is just right, other buki brushes in the market are too huge for my face and are too thick. The Ellana Baby Bukis as just perfect for application and buffing, are I just have to add that it's perfect for ladies with small hands, too!

Do you own an Ellana Baby Buki, too? 
How long have you had yours? :)

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  1. i have the travel brush nuon nabili ko sa multiply store pero i lost it.. i was so giddy when ms gem (rarevanity) gave me not one but two blending brushes from ellana (i think i won it on her blog) i share the brush with my friend... and it was my fave feeling ko kasi parang artist ako kapag ung brush na yun ang ginagamit ko =)

  2. They really have nice affordable brushes, ano? So glad you still have yours from their Multiply days :)

  3. I've yet to join in on the mineral makeup party--I dont know how to go about it! I've been reading a lot of great reviews about Ellana--plus I saw an EYEBROW palette. So that might be a good place to start.. I also likey this cutey, I have small hands and face, too. :|

  4. Yes, that would be a good place to start as your brows are perpetually perfect! Fangirl ba? Haha :D

    It took me a while to join the mineral makeup bandwagon, but as soon as I did my skin has improved immensely. I swear, it's the only foundation I use now (on top of my VMV Skin Savvy) :D

  5. I think if the bristles were shorter this'd be perfect. The overly long strands + really narrow handle make it seem like it's not so good at blending makeup (unless you manually pinch it halfway)

  6. Which is why I like the first release more than the new one. It just fans out too much, I feel like it's scattering the mineral powder everywhere. Anyway, Canmake Tokyo has a foundation brush with longer handles and shorter, dense bristles. Still thinking if I should get it but I like that Ellana's comes in a tin for easier transport.