Friday, February 28, 2014

A Surprise from Canary Cosmetics

Earlier today, one of my godchildren (who lives with us at home) handed me a cone-shaped thing and suspiciously I asked, "What's that?" Christian replied, "Someone just sent it over." I got more suspicious and asked who. He said, "A girl dropped it off."

Owkay. I reluctantly accepted this "gift" and proceeded to take a peek.

But of course before fully opening it, my beauty blogger instincts kicked in and I decided to take some photos. I placed it on the floor and Komiki started sniffing it and prying it open.

Well, well, well. Look at that face. Don't be fooled, Komiki looks like her favorite chewbone has been taken away from her. I specifically commanded not to open it, and this is her "phooey!" face.

Curious to see what's inside?

This lovely package contains the 100% Pure Organic Mint Lip Balm! I love lip balms moreso if they're minty or mentholated. Thank you so much to Canary Cosmetics for thoughtfully sending me one, and for always personalizing the packaging. Unwrapping pretty presents always makes my day :) I am so excited to use this (actually it's my purse already, haha). Expect a review soon.

Canary Cosmetics carry premium organic, mineral, and all-natural skin care and  makeup products. I've reviewed the Benecos lipsticks a few months back and they did not disappoint -- truly skin-friendly and highly pigmented. I really recommend their products. :)

Check out their online boutique at


  1. meron po bang soft clay sa saizen branch in trinoma?

  2. Didn't see any clay there!

  3. to franchise a branch of Saizen?

  4. wow amazing