Sunday, January 26, 2014

Unboxing: Special Edition Snoe Glamourbox

I remember discovering Snoe Beauty about 2 years ago and was greatly intrigued by its vintage packaging and witty, tongue-in-cheek advertising style. I have tried a few products like the Snoe Hyperfunction Fond de Teint, Emu-ToxHere Comes the Sunblock SPF 45, and their famous Argan Oil (I swear by this!) and I'm excited to explore this brand further. 

Luckily, Snoe and Glamourbox teamed up and released this special edition box. Curious to see the contents? Then read on below: 

Le't's round them up, shall we?

1. Hair Heroes Agent Zero Cleansing Serum for Sensitive Scalp, Hair, & Body
I've got skin sensitivities and this Snoe Agent Zero claims to contain zero sulfates, parabens and silicones. Could this be a good alternative to my Pureology shampoo? Let's see!

Sample size: 250ml (full-size)
Full-size value: Php 599

2. Body Ritual Recipes Whipped Butter Frosting Lotion in Honey Dew Melon Yogurt
Ahh, the refreshing scent of melon in an easily absorbed body lotion. Consider myself smitten!

Sample size: 150g (full-size)
Full-size value: Php 249

3. Fizzy Clean Foaming Hand Wash in Sky Mist
A unique foaming hand sanitizer. I'm not too stoked about hand sanitizers as I prefer to wash my hands, still, this would be handy in case of emergencies (read: no soap and water!). Not too fond of the scent though.

Sample size: 180ml (full-size)
Full-size value: Php 199

4. Snoe White Beauty Bars in Organic Papaya and Licorice
I love soap samples especially lightening ones because these formulations help exfoliate and smoothen skin. My Mom is already a fan of the Snoe beauty bars and even uses them to wash her face, so you could say that I'm excited to try these as well. When using exfoliating soaps, don't forget to always moisturize your skin afterwards!

Sample size: 150g (full-size)
Full-size value: Php 249

5. Bedside BesoBalm Deep Moisturizing Lip Treatment

A tingly lip balm that moisturizes and plumps lips. It has more of a slip compared to my favorite Hurraw Lip Balms, but this packs more punch in the minty/mentholated department.

Sample size: 4g (full-size)
Full-size value: Php 149

6. Poudre Extraordinaire SPF 30++

A loose skin nourishing powder that is said to offer medium coverage. This is the only sample size in the box. Glad that it came in a special container that won't spill (remember those days when powder samples used to be in resealable plastics?).

Sample size: 10g
Sample size value: Php 228
Full-size value: Php 799

To recap, here are the products included in this month's Special Edition Snoe Glamourbox: 

The Snoe Glamourbox is a great starter pack for anyone who's interested to testdrive Snoe products (and a great travel pack as well, if I may add). For only Php 595, you get a hefty box filled with Snoe's bestsellers and popular products. The total value of this box is approximately Php 1,637.

I'm very excited to try Agent Zero and the body lotion! Which Snoe products are you eyeing from this box? :)

For more information on the Special Edition Snoe Glamourbox, visit

Disclosure: I work as the Business Development Officer of Glamourbox. The Special Edition Snoe Glamourbox was given to me for PR purposes, this is not a sponsored post.


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