Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stockton Row Accessories

Lately I've been gravitating towards comfy clothing (read: pullovers, long skirts, shirts, sneakers, etc.) but I still add a little bit of street style by layering necklaces. 

I was contacted by Stockton Row last December and they sent me a few of their pieces which I totally fell in love with. Stockton Row is a new accessory brand that focuses on Bohemian-Androgynous inspired accessories.

Stockton Row takes inspiration from different cultural attributes and techniques from around the world. I received "Sikang Necklace" and "Tsinghai Necklace" both in antique gold finish.

Left: Sikang Necklace P575
Right: Tsinghai Necklace P475

One thing you should know about me if I do end up liking a brand, I tend to purchase more of their stuff. Take into account my PIXI obsession, I have 3 Tinted Brilliance Balms and counting. A week into receiving these lovely Stockton Row pieces, I ordered the "Hung Yen Necklace" (Php 650) as I feel very nostalgic about wishbones. 

True story: When I was a child, I would always ask for the wishbone whenever we'd have roast chicken, eager to split it with my cousin or sister and hoping to get the larger portion. Usually I'd wish for toys or clothes (or for my crush to like me back). Eventually I realized, why not wish for a hundred MORE wishes? Haha, I was always scared of running out (this awakened my hoarder gene, haha). 

I layered "Hung Yen" and "Tsinghai" in the photo above, lovely aren't they? :)


  1. i love how it looks on top of a plain shirt :>

  2. Yes, very chic, no? And I reach for neutrals or plain shirts most of the time so these Stockton Row accessories make my outfits definitely more interesting. :)

  3. agree! but a bit expensive for me. hihi