Friday, January 10, 2014

Rave: Ellana Mineral Powder Foundation

My sister is usually the receiving end of all the makeup that gets sent my way. She works for an airline company and wears full makeup everyday. To all the brands that send me makeup for review, I may not be able to review each and every one but rest assured that they don't go wasted on me. I share them with my sister and her airline friends, and they are all used well and repurchased when necessary.

Anyway, ever since the launch I've been obsessed (yes, obsessed is really the right word to describe it) with Ellana. I have long been a fan, but had forgotten about it and tried other makeup brands since. I raved about Ellana to my sister a few days ago and she jokingly quipped, "You know what's funny? You receive all the high-end makeup in the world, and yet it's the simple local mineral makeup that you love the most!" Yes, it's true. Sometimes the simplest, purest things are the ones that make a difference (yes, I'm still talking about makeup here. Haha!)

lovely illustrations by Soleil Ignacio
I've been using my Ellana makeup since November. It took a while for me to get the hang of using a kabuki brush (I've sworn off brushes before because I found application too cumbersome) but after several attempts, I was hooked. Now I find buffing therapeutic and I think it's the greatest thing that ever happened to me, haha. 

I am an NC25/30 and the closest shade they have is "Chai Tea Latte" which could be an exact match to my skin tone but since I'm a little acidic (with combi skin), a shade tad lighter would be better. I have both the loose powder (given at the launch) and the pressed version (Php 650, my personal purchase). I personally like the loose one better in terms of shade match and coverage but I bring the pressed one with me everyday for midday touch-ups (this seems darker, I don't know why) because it's more convenient and not messy.

This small Ellana Baby Buki brush is perfect, and I've had it since 2006 (I think). It's perfect for my small hands, fits in my kikay kit, and buffs the mineral foundation perfectly. And to think it's only Php 330 and comes in its own tin case. 

The coverage of Ellana is nothing short of amazing -- medium coverage with a matte finish. It easily covers some redness, pimple marks, some skin discoloration, and blurs pores. My usual "makeup" routine is Celeteque Water-based Moisturizer > VMV Skin Savvy SPF 60 in W1 (my sunscreen of choice) > Ellana Mineral Powder Foundation > Holika Holika Cotton Oil Queen Cotton Pact SPF 30. That's basically it, then I just do my brows and I'm out the door. 

The reason why I am raving about Ellana is because my skin has improved while using it. I attribute it to the pure and skin-friendly ingredients (no silicones and parabens). Using Ellana has lessened my blemishes and my skin looks healthier with it. For ladies with combination and oily skin, Ellana will definitely sop up some oil and it stays color true the whole day. Using brush also makes a huge difference as the powder is properly distributed and it proper buffing, the result is a natural airbrushed finish. I used this here and in Korea and the results were the same, plus I didn't break out despite the change in weather and sleepless nights. 

Good morning! Trying out the new Strip services at 11AM. So early! :D
I truly love Ellana and would definitely re-purchase once I run out. I would love to check out the other products like eye shadows, blushes, and setting powders. 

Have you tried Ellana Mineral Makeup? 
Share your experience with me in the comments!

For more info, visit Ellana Mineral Cosmetics


  1. I haven't tried Ellana...well actually just an eyeshadow I think, but that was eons ago. :)


  2. They have more stuff now such as the pressed eyeshadow palette and cream cheek blushes in their new cardboard containers :) Hope you get to try them out soon!

  3. I've seen Ellana's counter in SM and I think this rebrand involving Soleil Ignacio's artwork is completely AWESOME! Tons more interesting than their previous plain packaging.

  4. True! I hope they grow their line include more blushes, highlighters, the works! Hope they come up with a decent compact, too. Love the cardboard packaging but it could be improved.

  5. I have the mineral powder foundation! What is the best brush to use for this powder and do you have any techniques on how to use it? I have tried this in the store before I purchased and I really loved the result that's why I bought it. However, I don't think I am very good in using this because I liked the result better when the saleslady was the one who put it on me. Need your help. :) Btw, Happy New Year! :)

  6. Hi Tellie! Which SM mall are you referring to? I'd like to visit them! :)

  7. Hi Issa! Happy new year to you, too! I just the Ellana mini kabuki brush (pictured).

    If you're using the loose mineral powder:
    1. Lightly dip the brush in the powder, swirl the bristles on the cap of the mineral powder (to distribute it evenly and remove excess).
    2. Apply to face in a circling motion.
    3. Then buff, buff, buff :)

    If you're using the pressed mineral foundation, just tap off the excess instead of swirling it on the cap.

    I'll be honest and admit that I sometimes don't apply it in circular motions, I'm too lazy for that. I just apply it using a sweeping motion (L-R, top to bottom). But I do love to buff (going over the same area several times)! Buffing helps distribute the product evenly and gives a more natural finish.

    Hope this helps! And don't forget to prep your skin with sunscreen/moisturizer to help the mineral makeup adhere better :)

  8. thank you so much! i will try this technique....

  9. That was years ago, in the beauty section of Megamall. Heard they've pulled out of SM malls though and acc to their site, they can be found at G3, Shang and Trinoma :)